Monday, January 11, 2010


As anyone that loves the Blood Angels knows, we're starting to gear up for the new 40k releases slated for April, beginning with this Incoming: BA! This will be the jump start to get me back to building and painting my Rhinos and BA dudes. As stated before tho, I'm holding off on making my assault marines and veteran units, as I'm expecting an upgrade sprue as the other special SM factions like the Space Wolves. I want my vets to be particularly awesome and ornate, hopefully resembling the HQ's armor designs found on Dante and Mephiston.

I look forward to seeing what the new rules will be. I hope they keep the Overcharged engines the same, or even eliminate the stall on a roll of 1, since we're talking about artisans and perfectionists working on these Rhinos for generations. I also hope they don't go back to the old ways, that I never myself played but they sounded stupid, where random units or individuals would "go Death Company" mid game and rage out. Sounds stupid, and I like the idea that Chaplains select the susceptible before the battle and put them in the company first. Most of all, I hope Assaulters are still "Troops" and they get a rule to assault from a pod, Rhino, or from Deep Strike. Doesn't have to be all of that or whatever, I just don't want it as it is now, where they are just a Troop choice that come with pistols and swords by default. "Whoopdie-do." They need to stand out somehow. Other than that, fix any out of date stuff, update stats and points, and I'd be happy.

The second thing to help me get back in gear would be finding more regular opponents. :-\ Still not looking forward to going to the local gaming club. But I'm still into 40k as a passive hobby in the modeling aspects, so no reason I shouldn't keep building my army.


Parcival said...

You are a little mistaken, individuals didn't "go Death Company" midgame. What you did was fixing your army list, putting your army on the table, and before the game started, you had to roll for every unit to see if it falls for the Black Rage and if it did, how many men it lost to it. On the one hand, this was really cool because it allowed you to get a really large Death Company, if you were lucky, but on the other hand, it could be a pain one or several models had to be removed from mostly small squads like Devastators or Honor Guard. =)

Rumors are pretty accurate on Assault Squads still being scoring troops, but now with two special weapons. Squads with Jump Packs, Sergeant with Powerfist and two Meltaguns will be the new standard in my army. =)

Haunter said...

Ah, as I said, I never played back in the day so I didn't know how the rules worked, just that I didn't like the idea. Thanks for clearing that up. But the sound of the new squad composition sounds good. That's pretty much what my Chaos friend runs, but with the Death Guard *shivers*.

Now, give us the ability to assault from a strike, and I'll be sitting pretty. :-)

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