Thursday, July 29, 2010

League Winnings!

So I took some time to think about what I wanted to pick up with my FLGS winnings (provided by Games Workshop) and settled on something finally. I thought about more Dark Angels for Honor Guard or grab Devastators for my support choices. Also thought about some Vanguard, but found they were metal with certain load outs modeled and that's just not how I roll, haha. I even toyed with the idea of a Fantasy Army, but realized that I have friends with 40k armies that don't even play me much, let alone the fact that none of them have a Fantasy army, so I'd have to rely on the FLGS for any play whatsoever. So, it came down to one thing, I need more boots on the ground, so I went with another set of Death Company, which will be broken down basically to hand out icons and weapons to stuff like the HG and my Sgts. They were nice enough to just call it even on my choices because the winning were for $45, but the total for my stuff is $50. I guess basically whatever the person chooses in winnings, GW will ship an equal replacement to the store to make up for the items, so I didn't have to pay the difference! Anyway, the box is just near perfect, except I don't like all the body molds that much. But it has jump packs, power packs, melee weapons, bolters, and 20 should pads! Just the stuff I need to turn my vanilla and DA marines into BA marines. I also picked up the new Lemartes blister as the old Lemartes one is so god awful in comparison. He'll stand in for my Reclusiarch in my lists for now or actually get used if I ever play a fun game of an all DC, non-scoring army list. :-)

(League loot!)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Battle Report - 2000pt BA vs Tyranid - League Play 4

Well, tonight wrapped up the local escalation league game in a 2000pt pitched battle where Victory Points were king. Normal VP rules, plus objectives, table quarters, and ICs were all additional VPs. The difference between VPs per side would determine the scale of the win. I had to play the Nid guy as we were both in the running for first place, so we set up quick and got to it. My list was:
  • 2x 10-man ASM (PF; 2x MG)
  • 1x 10-man ASM (PW; 1x Fm)
  • 2x 5-man Honor Guard (Blood Champ; 3x MG)
  • 2x 10-man Devastators (4x ML)
  • 2x Priest (JP)
  • 1x Libby (JP; Shield, S10)
  • 1x Reclusiarch (JP)
My opponent's army was 5 Tervigons (2 of which were HQs) and 3 Tyrannofexes and a whole table of termagants, so basically it was a Nid gunline. Here's some pics!
It was short and sweet really as he didn't want to get torn up and give up easy points, and I didn't want to be meat for the grinder (the grinder being tons of MCs). I had my Devastators lined up the whole time and aimed for the Tervigons most of the time, taking out 2 and then getting a 'fex down. My strat was really to play the game of extras and aimed to take table quarters and objectives mostly instead of committing to slugging it out. I used my HGs and ICs as a screen, eating up 'gants and tying up MCs in CC. The game ended up in a Minor victory for me, as he got a good number of points for taking 2 squads to half, and holding 2 objectives. I held 3 objectives and 1 table quarter (all the others were contested), and killed the MCs and some 'gants, but they were such little point value it didn't help get me that far ahead.

After the points were tallied, it looks like I was the clear winner for the League! Other games were still going, but it was to determine 2nd/3rd at that point as I had some 60-some points and I know the Nid player had about 49. I had a draw, a minor victory, and 2 massacres, plus some bonus points for bringing in my own terrain and extra game objectives. My reward? GW provided 45 bucks of in-game credit (for any GW product)! Not bad for a free league and it forcing me to go to my LGS, which I never did before this. All the guys were good players and sports, no discrepancies or rules lawyering went down. I might stop by again for little pick up games in the future. And I think there is a Apoc game next week where each player can bring up to 2000pts and it will be team game.

Anyway, thanks for following me thru my first league play and I will probably get back to painting and other hobby work for awhile so my men look better for the next tourny.

»Now... what to do with that 45 bucks? More marines for my BA? Get a box set and drum up some readership with a free give-a-way like all the other blogs? Start a fantasy army? Lemme know what you think.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Battle Report: 1000pt BA vs Guard - League Play 3

Last night was Game 3 of the local League here in town. Showed up on time like usual, but we had to wait for people to trickle in so we could make pairings. A different Plague player than the first one I fought was there, and I was not looking forward to fighting that again. Then the regular Nid player showed up, also not thrilling me on the prospect of battle. When a Imp Guard player showed up we figured it was time to pair up and start the fun. I guess technically I was supposed to fight the Guard at the last game but he wasn't there, so we decided to match up this time, which I was actually okay with. My list was:
  • 2x 10-man ASM (PF; 2x MG)
  • 1x 5-man ASM (PW; Fm)
  • 1x 5-man HG (JP; PW; 3x MG)
  • 1x Priest (JP)
  • 1x Libby (JP; S10, Shield)
1000pts even and the plan was to DS everything. His list was:
  • 2x Leman Russ (Battle Cannon; Las-cannon; Heavy Bolters)
  • 1x Leman Russ (Plasma Cannon and sponsons)
  • Command Squad with Medic
  • Platoon with PF Commisar
  • 3x Las-cannon HW Team
He won the roll off and deployed first, and we had 3 objectives to take.I held back and DS on turn 2, but the dice pointed at laughed at me when only my HG rolled in...
There you have it; ending in a massacre with max bonus league points. The guy was a good opponent and very nice about things. Some highlights were my kamikaze HG that used their 3 meltas to explode a tank and on the next turn weathering about 14 wounds from the main plasma cannon via cover, but then die from 4 wounds from the side sponson since I got no cover from it. The rest worked like clockwork, with my meltas popping tanks and transports and wiping units with assault. I gotta say, I toootally love the S10 sword now. Auto pens on rear armor, 4 attacks on the charge and still causes instant death on most things w/o the need to cast his force sword ability. Plus since my other power is used on the ENEMY turn, I can use the shield to save my butt and then charge in and take stuff out without having to be an Epistolary.

Right now I have about 1500pts as is, unless I change to units like Mephiston or Dante to eat up points, or go Mech, but I don't wanna do that. To plan for a 2000pt game I may need to think about expanding my list for more support and the whispers I hear about JP list support is Devastators, but I will investigate some more and build an updated list. Otherwise, happy with my guys today and my list in general. Other than that, the next two weeks will be filled with time spent magnetizing everything and ordering some Battlefoam to transport more guys? Jury is still out on that one.

»Any comments on my list? I know I shouldn't have let my HG die like that, but it worked out in the end. Devastators for support, or just add more killy in my 2000pt list? Battlefoam or save my money to spend on more models?