Monday, November 22, 2010

A Different Kind of 40k

Let me start off by saying that in my last post I was alluding to a Batrep coming with my Necrons, but that game got put on pause and then I needed the table for something else so the game got taken down. I'd probably forecast that I would have won, based on having 2 of the 3 objectives on turn 3 and already taking out a fair amount of Tau suits by then as well, but we shall never know. However, on to other things 40k!

Games Workshop ©
I was a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to my nerdiness, only starting 40k a couple years ago and always being against table-top RPGs like D&D, etc. But as I've embraced it with 40k TT, I've started playing some RPGs as well with a local group, most recently playing Gamma World. I'm still anti-fantasy setting, opting for more sci-fi based worlds, which has led me to think about GMing a game within the 40k realm like Rogue Trader or Dark Heresy. I most definitely want to try out Deathwatch as well, but I figure we could learn the system and rules in a game about "better-than-average" humans within the Imperium first and then later take on being super-humans. The rule sets are the same, and to put it in perspective a Rank 1 Inquisition Acolyte from Dark Heresy has about 4,000 XP and on the same scale a Rank 1 Space Marine has 13,000 XP.

Anyway, it seems my time will be mostly spent learning the rules, creating test characters, and constructing a story with villains, twists, and rewards. It's quite rewarding coming up with story elements and pit falls for the player, just like making up a new army list and feeling like you have an "ace in the hole" super-unit that will tear thru the enemy ranks. I'll be pulling on my knowledge of reading the codexes, novels, and Lexicanum to piece things together. I actually got into 40k based on the lore more than anything, so I hope that will shine through. Hopefully it all goes well and if so I might share some glimpses of my works on my blog here.

» So, does anyone out there play the 40k RPG systems? Tips, tricks, pit-falls? I know there's a few bloggers out there that love to open their Batreps with story line dialogue and setting the mood and I bet they'd be at home in a Deathwatch campaign.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Bolt Pistol Prop from Comic Con

Admittedly I'm behind the times in the 40k blogosphere and current events, so excuse me if this has already made it's rounds. Here's the link to a replica Bolt Pistol used for the 40k display at Comic Con: Volpin Props. Make sure to check out his post history for more props!

This guy has the job I always wanted to do... if I were talented, lol. It's like "aw man, that movie was awesome" or "that video game rocks" and you want to bring it to life and this guy just reaches into the screen and pulls out the props. Do want!

Also, I shall be back later this week with a new battle report with *gasp* my Necron!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No, I'm not dead.

Hey, it's been awhile since my last post and just wanted to drop by. My interests change in spurts over time, so sometimes I'm dedicated to 40k, sometimes video gaming, sometimes movies/TV, hiking/disc golf, so I come and go into my hobbies, but never let any of them go entirely. Right now I'm playing lots of Bad Company 2 multiplayer and Fallout 3 single player. But I'll be back into 40k eventually of course. I did take my league winnings and primed them all with my Ruddy Brown spray and cut them from their sprues, ready to be built. Still no one really to play regularly tho a handful of people have expressed interested in one off games. I'd also need to maybe hit up the local shop again for some pick up games to get me going again. But that'll be after I get tired of video gaming.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Do You Deepstrike?

(Deepstrike marker from Dawn of War)

This was a question brought up by Sgt. Brisbane of Sons of Thunder and I thought I'd lend some of my insight. This stems from the fact that after building some BA lists around Mech because that's all the rage in 5th Edition and fighting enemies like melta heavy Plagues and basically any Tau formation I kept finding vehicles to NOT be that useful. Heresy, I know. Transports are about the best you can do since they are cheap and have one purpose: to move. Tanks however, even with the Fast rule just have not been stellar. Even with high armor(and even on a glance), 5 out of 6 results of the dice keeps you from shooting, which is their one purpose. So this made me look at an all Jump Pack list, which the Blood Angles can pull off nicely. Just about anything can add a JP at a cost, except certain named HQs or support units. Hell, even our Dreads get Wings, but they are ruled out of a JP list as well. But the point here is that you will be laden down with troops, around 40-50 in an average game, and the enemy will be kitted out with lots of 1-shot weapons. Sure their meltas will tear thru a marine, but that's a single 16-18pt model, vs a single hit penetrating and wrecking a 175pt Dread that never got into assault and made it's points back. Basically everyone is building mech lists with anti-mech capability. I say exploit it and bring all troops and make their load out more ineffective. In my lists, I also build in redundancy, ususally making a mirrored list, so that if any one unit is destroyed by an unlucky turn of dice, I have another one, and this is reflected in HQ down to Heavy Support.

My first mistake when taking the first steps on learning to fly was dropping in usually to fire off my two meltas in each full 10-man squad at something in hopes for a mini-alpha-strike. This lead my units dropping individually all over the board with no common objective. This lead to getting charged or shot down to 6 guys before I ever got to assault, ruining my efficiency. This also leads to units falling outside either Libby cover saves or Priest FNP bubbles. This took a number of games to start getting better at it but I am by no means a master of the descent. To get it out of the way, let me say the biggest caveat (that people always ignore) is that you have to be a smart player first for this to work. Regardless of stats and die rolls, always have a plan, stick to it, and avoid pit falls. For example, I can't just say "Always DS behind their lines" or "always deploy on your side of the board". Know your enemy and their capabilities and figure what is best. If they are charging forward to take objectives on your side of the board, your DZ might be cluttered when it's your time to DS, so land in their zone instead. Or if they are a gun line and want to play it slow, use the cover on your side as shot blockers. Be adaptive is what I'm saying. If you think it best, start everything on the board; it just matters on the objective of the game and your enemy's capabilities.

As I wrote on Brisbane's blog, what I use DS for now is a more unorthodox deployment, rather than surgical strikes. This is partly because I don't use Vanguards in my list for support outside my core ASM, but rather Devastators, and this is only in the above 1500pt range of games. Again, ASM are not surgical striking elites. They are front line troops that have better than average mobility, that is all, so don't try getting fancy with them. One type of deployment is a sort of mid-game/mid-board castling. I will DS in a unit with my Libby first as he will be my anchor, landing troops all around him so everyone gets cover if the enemy has lots of AP3 weapons. If not, then I might start with the Priest group, as he will be even more beneficial as anchor. If I can, they will be behind area terrain or even behind stuff that blocks LOS as a sort of staging area. Building on my "unorthodox deployment" is that DS'ing everything forces your enemy to move without knowing what you're doing. He can sit still for at most 2 turns, but that could be a waste in an Obj game or he could fan out but leave something unguarded and rear armor exposed, but that is up to him to get right or wrong and you play off that. In my League game, my IG opponent moved his tanks up, leaving me space to drop 3x Honor Guard unit into his rear armor, letting me pop it. These HG got blasted next turn, but then more ASM dropped in behind that tank, and eliminated it, take out most of his heavy punch, leaving the guardsmen to get ground to dust.

Which brings me to the next point that people underestimate the range of JP troops, even the general leading them. Remember this to help keep you from trying to DS in so close to the enemy. Drop in somewhere in a sweet spot that will draw the enemy into moving forward, trying to get a clean shot on your boys, but still gives cover and not close enough for them to assault you. Then on your turn, their jaw will drop as you measure out 12", fire everything, and then measure another 6". If they retreat instead, just jump forward using terrain to block shots or give saves. Don't just run after them into the open, so use what you can, even if it's just a little 5-man ASM unit to give cover to the more important 10-man unit.

»Sorry for the long rant, but there you go. The answer? Yes, I deepstrike. How about you? Think I have valid points? Think I'm a heretic for being anti-mech? Let me know why you think mech is the way to go.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

League Winnings!

So I took some time to think about what I wanted to pick up with my FLGS winnings (provided by Games Workshop) and settled on something finally. I thought about more Dark Angels for Honor Guard or grab Devastators for my support choices. Also thought about some Vanguard, but found they were metal with certain load outs modeled and that's just not how I roll, haha. I even toyed with the idea of a Fantasy Army, but realized that I have friends with 40k armies that don't even play me much, let alone the fact that none of them have a Fantasy army, so I'd have to rely on the FLGS for any play whatsoever. So, it came down to one thing, I need more boots on the ground, so I went with another set of Death Company, which will be broken down basically to hand out icons and weapons to stuff like the HG and my Sgts. They were nice enough to just call it even on my choices because the winning were for $45, but the total for my stuff is $50. I guess basically whatever the person chooses in winnings, GW will ship an equal replacement to the store to make up for the items, so I didn't have to pay the difference! Anyway, the box is just near perfect, except I don't like all the body molds that much. But it has jump packs, power packs, melee weapons, bolters, and 20 should pads! Just the stuff I need to turn my vanilla and DA marines into BA marines. I also picked up the new Lemartes blister as the old Lemartes one is so god awful in comparison. He'll stand in for my Reclusiarch in my lists for now or actually get used if I ever play a fun game of an all DC, non-scoring army list. :-)

(League loot!)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Battle Report - 2000pt BA vs Tyranid - League Play 4

Well, tonight wrapped up the local escalation league game in a 2000pt pitched battle where Victory Points were king. Normal VP rules, plus objectives, table quarters, and ICs were all additional VPs. The difference between VPs per side would determine the scale of the win. I had to play the Nid guy as we were both in the running for first place, so we set up quick and got to it. My list was:
  • 2x 10-man ASM (PF; 2x MG)
  • 1x 10-man ASM (PW; 1x Fm)
  • 2x 5-man Honor Guard (Blood Champ; 3x MG)
  • 2x 10-man Devastators (4x ML)
  • 2x Priest (JP)
  • 1x Libby (JP; Shield, S10)
  • 1x Reclusiarch (JP)
My opponent's army was 5 Tervigons (2 of which were HQs) and 3 Tyrannofexes and a whole table of termagants, so basically it was a Nid gunline. Here's some pics!
It was short and sweet really as he didn't want to get torn up and give up easy points, and I didn't want to be meat for the grinder (the grinder being tons of MCs). I had my Devastators lined up the whole time and aimed for the Tervigons most of the time, taking out 2 and then getting a 'fex down. My strat was really to play the game of extras and aimed to take table quarters and objectives mostly instead of committing to slugging it out. I used my HGs and ICs as a screen, eating up 'gants and tying up MCs in CC. The game ended up in a Minor victory for me, as he got a good number of points for taking 2 squads to half, and holding 2 objectives. I held 3 objectives and 1 table quarter (all the others were contested), and killed the MCs and some 'gants, but they were such little point value it didn't help get me that far ahead.

After the points were tallied, it looks like I was the clear winner for the League! Other games were still going, but it was to determine 2nd/3rd at that point as I had some 60-some points and I know the Nid player had about 49. I had a draw, a minor victory, and 2 massacres, plus some bonus points for bringing in my own terrain and extra game objectives. My reward? GW provided 45 bucks of in-game credit (for any GW product)! Not bad for a free league and it forcing me to go to my LGS, which I never did before this. All the guys were good players and sports, no discrepancies or rules lawyering went down. I might stop by again for little pick up games in the future. And I think there is a Apoc game next week where each player can bring up to 2000pts and it will be team game.

Anyway, thanks for following me thru my first league play and I will probably get back to painting and other hobby work for awhile so my men look better for the next tourny.

»Now... what to do with that 45 bucks? More marines for my BA? Get a box set and drum up some readership with a free give-a-way like all the other blogs? Start a fantasy army? Lemme know what you think.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Battle Report: 1000pt BA vs Guard - League Play 3

Last night was Game 3 of the local League here in town. Showed up on time like usual, but we had to wait for people to trickle in so we could make pairings. A different Plague player than the first one I fought was there, and I was not looking forward to fighting that again. Then the regular Nid player showed up, also not thrilling me on the prospect of battle. When a Imp Guard player showed up we figured it was time to pair up and start the fun. I guess technically I was supposed to fight the Guard at the last game but he wasn't there, so we decided to match up this time, which I was actually okay with. My list was:
  • 2x 10-man ASM (PF; 2x MG)
  • 1x 5-man ASM (PW; Fm)
  • 1x 5-man HG (JP; PW; 3x MG)
  • 1x Priest (JP)
  • 1x Libby (JP; S10, Shield)
1000pts even and the plan was to DS everything. His list was:
  • 2x Leman Russ (Battle Cannon; Las-cannon; Heavy Bolters)
  • 1x Leman Russ (Plasma Cannon and sponsons)
  • Command Squad with Medic
  • Platoon with PF Commisar
  • 3x Las-cannon HW Team
He won the roll off and deployed first, and we had 3 objectives to take.I held back and DS on turn 2, but the dice pointed at laughed at me when only my HG rolled in...
There you have it; ending in a massacre with max bonus league points. The guy was a good opponent and very nice about things. Some highlights were my kamikaze HG that used their 3 meltas to explode a tank and on the next turn weathering about 14 wounds from the main plasma cannon via cover, but then die from 4 wounds from the side sponson since I got no cover from it. The rest worked like clockwork, with my meltas popping tanks and transports and wiping units with assault. I gotta say, I toootally love the S10 sword now. Auto pens on rear armor, 4 attacks on the charge and still causes instant death on most things w/o the need to cast his force sword ability. Plus since my other power is used on the ENEMY turn, I can use the shield to save my butt and then charge in and take stuff out without having to be an Epistolary.

Right now I have about 1500pts as is, unless I change to units like Mephiston or Dante to eat up points, or go Mech, but I don't wanna do that. To plan for a 2000pt game I may need to think about expanding my list for more support and the whispers I hear about JP list support is Devastators, but I will investigate some more and build an updated list. Otherwise, happy with my guys today and my list in general. Other than that, the next two weeks will be filled with time spent magnetizing everything and ordering some Battlefoam to transport more guys? Jury is still out on that one.

»Any comments on my list? I know I shouldn't have let my HG die like that, but it worked out in the end. Devastators for support, or just add more killy in my 2000pt list? Battlefoam or save my money to spend on more models?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Expanding my ranks

Just a little update to keep the blog moving. I have the 1500pt League game this Friday at the local store. What I'm thinking right now for my army is to use the Honor Guard for my semi-beat-stick. Not as tough as say, Termies or Sang Guard, but still have access to good weapons and is a force multiplier. Their biggest asset, to me, is the Priest that can't be singled out. In the last few games, my IC priests have been getting sniped in CC at every attempt. I won't drop the one I have in my list, but I just need more redundancy and will include two units of HG in my 1500pt list. This also gives me a more interesting modeling prospect. Right now I'm using my Death Company box set to be my veteran Sgts and sprinkling BA icons into other units as well as Dark Angel icons. If I could have a custom icon for my chapter, it would be simply the BA angelic wings with the DA sword, instead of the blood drop BA use or the sharp DA wings.
Anyway, I see Honor Guard being draped in robes, being a bit more mysterious and demanding of respect, as they are captains-in-training. In comes the DA Veterans box set. I like their robes and hooded heads, plus their add ons are pretty cool like their differently shaped daggers and swords. I also purchased a DA Company Master model to represent a Blood Champion if needed. With his tall winged helm and robes draped over his shoulder, he's an impressive sight. As for the Sang Priest model, I took anything from the DC set that has a grail on it (including the helm, pistol, and JP/Power Pack) so that he would easily be seen as the Priest amongst his brethren. Since he technically can't be upgraded with weapons, I glued him in place and is pretty much ready to be painted. The others will be fully magnetized to accomodate either meltaguns if I want to make a shooty drop unit of doom or maybe Storm Shields and power weapons for an assault beat-stick. I also used my Priest as a test bed for my massive initiative of magnetizing all my assault marines to accept either power pack or JP. The hole on the JP and PP are slightly less than 1/8th inch, and putting the drill bit to them only shaved out a bit of plastic, but that's all that was necessary to fit in a 1/8th inch disc magnet in snuggly, with a dab of glue to keep it more in place. I lopped off the nub on the model's back and drilled into the back with the bit til the magnet was flush with the back. Worked like a charm, but I only had 2 1/8th magnets, haha! So once I confirmed this worked, I ordered a ton more magnets and hope they arrive soon. I will also be using these for the arms, as I was using 3/16th sized discs (in my previous blog posts) and they have proven to work, but be a pain to get right. I'll post pics and updates after I get these magnets in the mail.

Thankfully, the DA box set was only like 21 dollars and the Master was 11 at the local store, since DA aren't that popular (the DC box is 33, and stuff like the Sanguinor was 19) and for being in the league I get double the customer points. Ya know, for like every so many points you get a dollar off your next purchase sort of thing. Since I didn't have to pay shipping and I got it in my hands right then and there, plus more points, I couldn't resist.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Battle Report: 500pt BA vs Tau - League Round 2

Last night saw round 2 of the Escalation League at my local store. I showed up on time like usual, but a lot of people couldn't play that day and will have to reschedule. There were an odd number of players so one would have to sit out til someone showed up. The more seasoned Space Wolf player I faced off with in round 1 said he would wait and let me face the other person waiting to play. He said this was his first time playing 40k and he pulled out a Tau army... Well what are the odds? I already felt bad for the kid before deployment. I had to re-do my list since it was built for 1000pts, so this was what I came up with at an even 500pt:
  • 1x Libby (JP; Shield, S10 Sword)
  • 3x 5-man ASM (1x MG; PW)
His army was approximately: 
  • 1x Ethereal
  • 1x 12-man FW Squad with Team Leader
  • 1x ~20-man Kroot Squad with Shaper
  • 1x Hammerhead (Rail; SMS; MT)
You all read my rant in the post below right? Well, I didn't want it to happen, but the dice gods were bowing down to me. I chose to go second and DS everything so he got 2 free turns of movement, as he spread out to take other table quarters. I decided to DS everything right behind his HH to melta it... and it happened. All 3 units and the Libby (all on his own) all made it in from reserves and either hit or scattered 1". This lined up 3 meltas with one taking down his HH in an explosion and the other popping the Ethereal. This lead his FW to take a leadership and they failed. This led them to fall back into me within 6" and they couldn't regroup and ran off the table without firing a shot. The Kroot turned around to charge at me but were outside of assault range so just fired and killed off 2 marines. I shot into the Kroot to weaken 'em and then the Libby and two units charged, with the 3rd waiting in the back to hold that table quarter. By the end of the turn the Kroot were wiped, ending the game on bottom turn 3.
The Organizer gave me the Massacre and points for assuming I could continue the game to hold 3 quarters and ones other than my deployment zone and this would could as my round 2. So, I'll have to make a 1500pt list for two weeks from now. I told the guy I fought that I felt bad for doing it, but really, I didn't think I'd pull off all units in on turn 2 like that and still get in all my shots in. We talked a bit about how he could improve some of his list, but really, not much can be done against my entire force starting withing 12" of his. He could use the Kroot as bubble wrap so I had to deal with them first, but this was his first game, so it's not like he knew that meta-game technique. Some of the other games going on were Plague Marines vs Eldar and Ork vs Space Wolves. Since they were in transports and the models were on the side table, I thought I'd take another pic of the Wolves:

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Dice Gods hate me

So I revised my list a bit at 1000pts to fit in more troops and another priest. Jason and I replayed the scenario for the league but I was defender this time. Not doing a full report or anything as the models themselves performed well and all that, but the dice gods cursed me. For every roll of 2 or more dice, about 75% of the time a 1 came up. I only wish I could have video recorded the battle so you could see the BS that was going down. Just fist fulls of dice when my marines charge in with FC, hitting on 3s and wounding on 4s (fighting XV8s and 88s) and just a sea of 1s and 2s everywhere. I was locked in combat on turns 4, 5, and 6 with 3 XV8s and a nother combat of 3 XV88s. Turns 4 and 5 saw a whopping 2 unsaved wounds between the two groups total, and those were from power weapons, as he was making all his armor saves for normal attacks. 1 wound per group from an assault crazy army into Tau. And suits have 2 wounds each, so I didn't kill anybody for those two turns. Then his suit swings around with it's mechanical arm at S5 and crushes a marine or two every turn because of my 1s on armor saves. By the end of turn six, when we rolled and the game ended, I killed 1 XV88 (leaving 2 untouched) and two XV8s, leaving the Shas'O with a single wound left.

The game was a bowl of mediocre. We tallied up the VPs and we had a whopping 7 VP difference, leading to a tactical draw. He had 2 half-strength units and one full strength, and I had 3 half-strength units left. The table was a veritable murder field, seeing handfuls of marines and tau die every turn, except the last 3 turns that were slug fests with both side's most survivable units all that was remaining. It was not a fun night, not because it was a draw or my marines died, but just because I could not roll "average". When I whipped out the bolter pistols before a charge, you better believe I was rolling tons of 6s, lotta good that does me... I even had a lightning claw on a Sgt and 1 failed to hit, then I rolled SNAKE EYES on the wounds, re-rolled got ANOTHER 1 and a 5 to finally wound. If I actually rolled the average I'm supposed to for a marine army, I would be devastating. *sigh*

I was always against the idea, but I guess I should build some TH/SS Termie list, maybe with the Codex Marines book or with BA so I can get FNP too, something so I can feel better about myself with schlodes of 2+ armor. I'll still lose a bunch to my fists of 1s, but saves on 2 and wounds on 2 all the time will make feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. If this keeps up in the league games, I'll just make 40k a painting hobby and quit playing.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Battle Report 1000pt: BA vs Tau - League Practice

Fit in a quick game to practice for Friday's League game. Here's a repeat of the scenario: "The game will play out that there is an attacker and the other is defender (determined by dice roll). The defender will hold a central bunker with the rest of his army coming from the deployment zone (a sort of reinforcement scenario). Winner is determined by Victory Points, but you get bonus League Points for either eliminating the defenders in the building and then holding it (if attacker) or having those troops survive (if defender). Both sides can get bonus points for holding more table quarters than the other as well."

So, I rolled higher and took the Attack role. If I should be a defender in the League game, I have a plan in mind already. Since everything of mine was deep striking, he got a free turn to set up his heavy weapons and he was planning on taking his troops from the building and falling back instead of making it a meat grinder. His list was:
  • Shas'O (Plasma; Ion Blaster; MT)
    • 2x Bodyguards (Plasma; Flamer; MT)
  • 2x 6-man Fire Warrior
  • 1x 4-man Pathfinder (1-Rail Rifle; mandatory DF)
  • 2x Hammerhead (Ion; SMS; MT)
  • 1x 3-man Broadside Team (TL-Rail; SMS; MT)
I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:
With that, I was able to wipe out everything except the DF was still immobile, a suit, and a single gun drone. That would basically chalk up to a Massacre of 17pts holding probably 2 table quarters and the center building, plus 1 for killing the troop choice from the center for the max 20pts. My VV squad of two L. Claws failed me and never came on until turn 5 and never assaulted because they scattered 4" away from the XV8 suits (plus the built in distance I gave them so they wouldn't scatter onto the suits). All my troops got shot to pieces with the XVs taking out one whole unit of 5 on their DS turn. The Libby did very little in the role I thought he'd play, but he did kill off the two suits, getting the Shas'O with his Force Sword sapping all its wounds at once. The priest also was outside of helping range most of the game, but that was just poor placement and reserves rolling.

So, there it is. It went well, but could have gone better if my VV came in soon, so the ASM had to pick up the slack. They did alright, but my goal is to not commit them if I don't have to to combat. I didn't adhear to that rule this time and it got me shot to pieces. I need to be more focused on a game plan instead of just reacting to what I see on the board and throwing it out the window.

»Side note, how do you guys play the Blood Chalice FC bubble? Do the units just have to start in range of it in the start of the Assault Phase to benefit from it (4th Ed PDF method) or check for FC after the assault move is completed when you need to determine what everyone's Initiative value is?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Army List: 1000pt Jump Pack - League Play

 (GW ©)

(Happy 50th Blog Post to me!)

Just a quick update today with a new army list for my next League game, which is slated for 1000pts. The game will play out that there is an attacker and the other is defender (determined by dice roll). The defender will hold a central bunker with the rest of his army coming from the deployment zone (a sort of reinforcement scenario). Winner is determined by Victory Points, but you get bonus League Points for either eliminating the defenders in the building and then holding it (if attacker) or having those troops survive (if defender). Both sides can get bonus points for holding more table quarters than the other as well. Here is what I came up with as a possible list:
  • 1x 10-man ASM (2x MG; PF)
  • 1x 5-man ASM (1x MG; PW)
  • 1x Libby (JP; Shield, Lance)
  • 1x Priest (JP)
  • 1x 10-man Vanguard Veteran
    • Squad 1 (Sgt with L. Claw & SS; second L. Claw & SS)
    • Sqaud 2 (Thunder Hammer & SS; second SS)
This comes out to 1000pts even. My main concern is the few troops, with either just 2, or combat squad the first unit to have 3 weak squads. The Libby and Priest will travel with the 5-man ASM to provide their powers, but be behind the 10-man for cover and try to stay out of CC as long as possible. The VV will be squadded down so I have two "beat-sticks" that will DS in and one will go for squishy infantry support like Long Fangs, Broadsides, Rangers, etc. The other will try to take out MCs or a tank. They will be there to do the damage while the ASM are there to take on easy targets like other troop choices and then fall back to take table quarters or the center objective. I don't want to commit them to the grinder of combat unless my VV are struggling.

I will be play testing this on Monday to see how viable it is with Jason. I have to submit my army list by Wednesday, so I'll have a day or so to tweak this should it not do well in testing. As for caveats, yes, I'd like to maybe get another weapon in the Squad 2 of the VV, but this is still only 1000pts so it was hard when you need the basics like troops and a libby with pack. And I'm using a TH instead of a PF cause I had 5 points swimming around and hey, I've never fielded one before so let's try it out! In my first game I didn't even have any power weapons or invul saves at all and I took out a draw by playing the objectives and not trying to slaughter the enemy, so this should be a bit more effective.

»Anyone have experience with VV and how to field them? Some people suggested I go Glaive instead of Claw, but not sure about it. Re-roll any failed wounds or re-roll a single failed to-hit? Or just go with the extra attack with the simple power-sword?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Battle Report: 500pt BA vs Space Wolves - League Round 1

As I mentioned, there is a League game going on at the local store starting at 500pt and ending at 2000pt with an extra Apocalypse game at the end to round it out. The first round match up was random match ups, but after that it will be more structured. So far about 8 people are in it as far as I can remember. I remember 2 Chaos Marines, one Imp Guard, Space Wolves, Orks, Eldar, and Tyranid, with me as BA. The organizer had Space Marines, but would only play if there were an odd number of people, so he didn't have to pull them out. I drew up against the Space Wolves player, the first time I've seen them in person. He said it was his third army he's painted and they were amazingly done. He had two Rhinos with some Grey Hunters in them and a 5-man unit of Long Fangs with Missile Launchers. He had a Mark of the Wulfen and a Priest that could cast some good magic including JotWW (not sure exactly what the model is called). I used my 3x ASM JP army kitted to take out some sneak Guard player or min-max marine with a Dreadnaught, so they weren't really that well kitted out to fight power armor. Mission was Spearhead deployment with the goal to hold table quarters. Equal hold was a draw, +1 a minor victory, +2 a major, and +3 a massacre. Bonus points for holding zones other than the one you deployed from. I drew first player and held all in reserves. He fans out to hold his zone. I deep strike into his lines to try and pop the Rhinos and hold them in that zone, then jump away and claim the other zones for a win. The pictures below are of mid-turn 2 and 3 and the end of the game, showing how it all turned out.
(Click for details)
In the first pic the x'd out Rhino was on the table when I took the pic but it was where the crater and GH stand and then after that he switched out the models so the painted one was still on the board. Counter-attack is a pain in the butt, that's for sure. I was able to get my squads together and used each other for cover or FNP and piled on the shots to take out two squads of Grey Hunters down to 3 guys. Unfortunately he took out one of my units, so I only had two to jump around to take table quarters. His Long Fangs piled on the ML templates but most missed or didn't cause wounds. In the end, I could either pull back to the closest quarter or jump to one on his side of the board, but either way, that Rhino would either contest or even tank shock my men. The most we could do was draw, and we both held our own deployment zones, so no bonus points to either. It was fun to fight something new and balanced and he gave me a run for my money. We both got 10 points towards the League for the draw. 

As part of the League you can challenge others for a win of +5 points or if you challenge and they decline you get +3 points. A guy challenged me to play his Plague Marines and I should have declined, but I just wanted to play some more. No pics, but obviously, I didn't do so well. We had 2 objective markers and by the end of turn 5, he had both and my marines were wiped out by his Chaos Lord wielding some Plague weapon that was 3 base attacks +d6, power weapon, poisoned. :-\ Next time it will be 1000pts so I am working on retooling my list and playing smarter. I need to stop dropping my DS'ers into melta range of units that can charge into CC for one. And I need to make power-weapons mandatory, even if it messes up other things, because fighting power armored dudes with none is not fun.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Battle Report: 500pt BA vs Tau - Skirmish

I got word of an Escalation League at the LGS where it starts at 500 then goes to up every two weeks to 1000, 1500, and ends at 2000. I'll detail it out in my next post which will cover the first game I played of the League. I built a list, mostly in fear of a mech enemy. Someone sneaky trying to field minimum troops and fit in a tank or walkers. The list was:
  • 1x Libby (Shield, Lace)
  • 1x Priest (Meltabombs)
  • 3x 5-man ASM (Sgt has MBs; 1x Meltagun)
This comes out to 500 even. Covers vehicles well, but no power weapons or fists and that is the weakness here. The Tau list was:
  • 1x Shas'el (Flamer; TL-MP)
  • 2x 6-man FireWarriors
  • 2x Hammerhead (Ion Cannon; SMS; MT; D-pods; Sensor Spines)
Basically my plan was to drop down first chance I got and melta the tanks and then do mop up. My Priest drops in first just fine but my Libby squad fails, even with DoA and the normal squad makes it in. I place my Priest near his HH on his flag but since I only have the 1 squad now, I take the shot on his HQ suit instead. Melta fails and one pistol wounds him, woo... The other normal squad drops near my flag to keep his units from just piling on it and holding it all game. In retrospect, I might have done better dropping it on the HH as well to try and pop it, or the suit. It boiled down to my two special squads working together on his point, and my loner squad holding the home base and him having two teams of a HH and 6 FW (one at his flag, one at my flag) with his HQ in the center, lending missile pods where needed. I only ever shot down a HH and nothing else, proving to be quite ineffective. However, I was able to weather dozens and dozens of wounds from missions and pulse rifles, winning the game by just surviving.

I'll soon do a write up of the actual League game I participated in and details on how it is structured.

    Tuesday, June 1, 2010

    Battle Report: 750pt BA vs Tau - Retaliation

    The scouting party of marines that were dispatched were left bloodied and crawling back, past their smoking Rhinos as the second squad arrived on the battlefield. This battle report covers the rematch Jason and I declared at the start of the previous game where he stole the initiative. We deployed exactly in the pics as the first battle report. The follow are what happened with me zooming up to the center.
    I skipped pics of turn 1 and 2 as I only get to the center and use cover and no shots were landed on me that did damage. The pics are tops of turn 3 and 4 and bottom of 4 and 5. The game ended at the bottom of 5. While I wasn't crushing him, I did a ton better as I had the mobility to get into range of disembarking and assaulting. Even with melta guns and bombs, I only managed to wreck one HH and take off an Ion Cannon and Burst Cannon the whole game. But, it was enough to keep the wounds from piling up. He was able to hold me off until turns 4-5 before I accumulated any real KPs, which ended in a 5 - 2 win for me. It goes to show that the littlest thing like having first turn can turn the tide. The scary thing is that Jason is refining his list as I type this, which means it will only get tougher for me as he becomes more points efficient and picks deadlier weapons.

    Monday, May 31, 2010

    Battle Report: 750pt BA vs Tau - Alpha Strike

    Fit in a game last night and had a hell of a time of it. This will actually break down into two post to make sure I cover both the battles in detail and the lessons learned. My army was basically half of what I fielded against the Daemons in the report earlier.
    • 10-man ASM (PW/MB; 2xMG; Rhino)
    • 5-man ASM (PW/MB; 1xMG; Rhino)
    • Librarian (Shield; Lance)
    • Priest (Meltabomb)
    • 5-man Sternguard (2xCombi-Melta; Rhino with HK Missile)
    The Tau forces fielded by my enemy (Jason) was built around Hammerheads as they really appealed to him. He built it on his own and then I went over it to ensure it was legal and had the proper allotment of weapons/support systems and that upgrades like Team Leader were applied so he could use certain items. Sure, some of the selections are not the best, but this is his first list and we all have to learn the game via trial and error. We don't always accept other people's suggestions as the best without knowing how things really perform first.
    • Shas'el (Flamer; Missile Pod; Multi-tracker; Shield Drone)
    • 2x 6-man FireWarriors
    • 1-Shas'vre (Cyclic Ion Blaster; Flamer; MT)
    • 1-Shas'vre (TL Fusion Blaster; Flamer; MT; Shield Drone; Stim-Injector)
    • 3x Hammerhead (Ion Cannon; Burst Cannons; MT; D-pod)
    Now, for the twist in this report. I got first turn and kept it, to deny the Tau an Alpha Strike so I can go Flat Out, pop smoke, go FO again, then unload into his lines. What happens, Jason rolls his magical 6 for like the 3rd game in a row and steals the initiative! As I fume, he lines up his shots and explodes the Sternguard and wreck the utility Rhino with the special characters. Well... there goes the game in my head. I can no longer zip in with Meltas to take out the tanks and have to hoof it around to get into assault. We agree right then to play a rematch with the exact same deployment but I get first turn, to see how it would be different. Pictures follow with the play by play.
    Basically, that alpha strike ended the game. There was no way to take out his tanks anymore and they just picked me apart with AP3 weapons, eventho I normally had 4+ or 5+ cover saves, it wasn't enough. It was my first loss in a while and only with the new BA, but it's all good. I learned a few things about BA, but makes me confident in the Tau being viable still. The list can be refined more and be even more deadly. My only counter would be to switch to Jump Packs under the cover of a Libby Shield to fore go the Rhinos getting popped. The rematch will be posted tomorrow with pics to show you how important deployment and first turn can be!

    Saturday, May 29, 2010

    Army List: 750pt Tau - Scouting Cadre

    Army list, ok... wait, for Tau?! Yeah, that's right, I'm dipping my toes into a different army for the moment. I'm still painting my Angels, no worries, but I'm mixing things up. If you check out the blog Tau of War you will see my help desk email with more information. Basically my friend is learning Tau and making me read the codex and I've gotten bitten by the Greater Good. I made up a list at work, but got a quick reply for some help and tweaked it. This is what I got so far:
    • Shas'el XV8 (Targeting Array, Plasma Rifle, Fusion Blaster)
      • Drone Controller: Shield Drone and Gun Drone
    • 3x Shas'ui XV8 (TL-Missile Pod, Flamer)
      • Team Leader with Shield Drone
    • 6-Fire Warriors
      • Devilfish with Disrupt Pods and Multi-tracker
    • 10-Kroot and 5-Hounds
    • 2x Shas'ui XV88 (Targeting Array x2)
      • Team Leader with Shield Drone
    I'm sure it's not the most efficient or whatever, but it's my first list with the army so be gentle. I figure not a lot of use with multi-trackers on the suits because i'll either be firing at range and scooting away, or if they catch me, i'll just use the flamers. Sure, if it was 1500pt game, I'd take em, but I need to squeeze out points. Plus it mirrors a lot of what Old Shatter Hands suggested, so take it up with him. :-p I'll write up a report as soon as I test it out. As for my friend, he's making his own list that will fight my Angels. Hoping to give him good advice and turn him to OSH's blog for deployment tips and actually give me a challenge that the Necron were not providing. A rep will follow for that as well.

    Wednesday, May 26, 2010

    Devious Dice

    I am a d4
    You are a d4: You are bright, perceptive, and driven. You would be considered a blessing to mankind, if you didn't insist on using your powers for evil. You are devious, deceitful, doubtful, and downright dangerous. Assassins can learn a lot from you. If your fellow party members knew how rotten you were, they'd go over and join the bad guys. Justified or not, you are meticulous in your ways: A poison for every person, and a dagger for every back. Much of your day is spent scheming or plotting. The rest of your time is spent trying to convince others that you're simply misunderstood.
    Take the quiz at

    Since this is the latest thing going around the blogosphere of people I subscribe to, I thought I'd waste some time at work and take the quiz too. Plus I haven't been painting or gaming so I don't have any updates. As for the quiz results, hm, it's pretty spot on, lol. :-)

    Tuesday, May 25, 2010

    Battle Report: 1500pt BA vs Chaos Daemons - Purgatus

    I managed to fit in a 1500pt game vs my friend and fraternity brother Darrin and his Chaos Daemons. He's mostly still learning the game but has a ton of models. He's more of a Magic/D&D guy, but will play just about any game with people. As per usual, I took some pictures and added some captions for you all to see, plus it's easier for me to go back to and go over my strategy that way. I can take video with my phone, but I hate my voice on recordings, so that's out for now, lol. Anyway my list was a tweaked version of the Mech list I just posted yesterday. Also note, this list has 0 invul saves and is basically like a horde marine list. Didn't set out to be that way, but what I'm doing is avoiding point sinks and going with a more is more approach. Too many awesome models die from a hail of bolter fire to suck up like 250 or more points. Running a lot of cheap, redundant models just seems smart in a game of dice. Plus, it breaks that psychological hold of an HQ. When my old PDF Dante would get murdered by a single Melta, it would throw me off as a general, as I dwelled on the loss. If I lose my 100pt HQ, I shrug it off and have another to take his place.
    • 2x (10-man ASM: PF, 2-MG in a Rhino with Extra Armor) 530
    • 2x (5-man ASM: PW/MB; 1-MG in a Rhino with extra Storm Bolter) 310
    • 2x Priest 100
    • 2x Librarian (S10 Sword, Preferred Enemy, Epistolary) 300
    • 1x 10-man Sternguard 250
    This got me to 1490 points. I believe Darrin's list was also 1490pts so we were even in points,  but not even in codexes as the battle will reveal. His list was approximately the below. They had a number of weapon upgrades but I don't remember them all like Phlegm and Breath of Chaos.
    • Blood Thirster
    • Skulltaker
    • 2x Soul Grinders
    • 2x Plague Bearers with Icon
    • 2x 3-unit Flamer with Bolt of Tzeentch
    • Nurgle Prince
    (Click for larger pic)

      So there you have it, another BA victory before turn 5. I guess I'm only friends with people playing old codexes and the books show their age. I'd say the single biggest let down seeing these Daemons in action is they mostly have 5+ saves. Sure, they're invul so they always get it against my shooting, but 5+ still fails a lot, as evident by the Nurgle Prince suffering a wound from 2 successful storm bolter shots. Also looking at their stat lines, nothing is really impressive save the Blood-Thirster, which he fielded, but failed to DS in. His best looking unit is actually the Flamer, since I guess each model gets a template over your units, and this can lead to a ton of wounds. You still have to roll a 4+ to wound with their weapon, but you're looking at a lot more than 1-2 wounds like a normal weapon at close range, plus each one auto-glances armor and the unit is Jump Infantry with a 4+ invul save. He was definitely let down by his first Soul Grinder as well, one of which he nicknamed "Lucky" for consistently dying on the first turn of his games. I chalk it up to it being such a threat that people throw whatever they can at it first. In this case, I zoomed up 2 Meltas and got a rear arc shot to take it down. I gave him some tips and we had a good after-battle talk to hopefully get him to think more about his army. Hope we get to play again soon!

        Monday, May 24, 2010

        Army List: 1500pt Mech (v1.1.0)

        After fiiiinally getting in some games with the new Blood Angel Codex, I have a better idea of how they handle. These have been 500-750pt games, but it's a start. I thought I'd start gearing up for 1500pt games again, once Jason gets up to speed on an updated codex, as the Necron are starting to show their age for him. I decided to drop Razorbacks for Rhinos for their versatility, and frankly, because they are cheap. Armor 11 was no match for even his need to roll 6s to at most glance. With a Rhino you're not losing a 35pt weapon in a single hit and if they become immobilized, Rhinos can repair themselves and RZBs cannot.  My shuffle also allows me to field full 10-man squads so I can get more special weapons on the board (normally Meltas). Currently, in this draft state, I have the below army plus 140pts remaining for either more Sternguard or upgrades to my Rhinos like Extra Armor to keep them moving up the board.

        2x 10-man ASM: PF, 2x Melta, Rhino 500
        2x 5-man ASM: PW/MB, 1x Melta, Rhino 290
        2x Librarian (Shield, Lance) 200
        2x Priest 100
        1x 10-man Sternguard: 2x Missile Launcher (Combat Squads) 270

        The 5-man squads ride with the Priest and Libby and are basically utility vehicles providing cover and FC/FP bubbles. Others like kitting these guys out for CC awesomeness, but that whole "single out ICs" in close combat is dangerous, especially as neither have a invul save and cost 50-100pts each. The forward Rhinos will blaze away with their Meltas and the support Rhinos will blaze away with another one plus Blood Lances all while shielded a bit. I can always disembark the Priest and Libby, say if needed for their insta-kill sword or leave the priests to provide FNP while my 5-men retreat to a flag point. More to come...

        Thursday, May 20, 2010

        New Blog Layout!

        I haven't even been around for 50 posts and I'm ready for a change, haha. I never thought the layout I chose was very appropriate for a blog about my dark red super-humans. Plus the text box was like 4 inches wide and could hardly fit any pictures in, so I looked around for some templates and found a few that I've been testing out. One looked really great with a red angel theme, but was still like 4 inches or less of text space and I don't have the drive to re-write the code for it. The next was a pretty standard red and white layout that was very clean and should just be included in the default selections really. But the one I'll be using the most right now is this one, which I think has a lot of character with it. Nice colors, nice text area makes me think of parchment of a purity seal and it's a wider text area to boot. Some elements came with it like the speakers to either side of the text area are RSS feeds so you can subscribe to the site and the search bar to the left is their own element and not the Blogger one so can't be moved around, but works just the same. I also updated the picture at the top, but it will be changed as soon as I can get a picture of some completed models of my own.

        Anyway, let me know what you think! Maybe it's a lot better, maybe it's too busy with the colors, I dunno. I just needed a change, that's for sure.

        Saturday, May 15, 2010

        Battle Report - 750pt BA vs Necron - DC Smash!

        Well, I thought I'd get in a quick game last night and boy was it ever. I played Jason using my Necron again and I used a new BA list at 750pts. His list was the Lord, 20x Warriors, and 5x Destroyers. I basically brought half of my Death Company list I made when the codex hit. Mine was:
        • Reclusiarch
        • 5x Death Company with 1 PW
        • 1x Death Company Dread with HF and Talons
        • 1x Stormraven with PC, HB and Extra Armor
        • 5x ASM with PW and Flamer
        • 1x Rhino with extra Storm Bolter
        He passed first turn to me on a spear-head KP mission. I ran the Stormraven (proxied by a Tau Devilfish on the tallest post I could find) up 24" and used PotMS to fire the PC for a hit and a handful of dead Warriors. The Rhino was hiding since it would just give up a KP and the troops wouldn't hurt the warriors much w/o a priest for FC. On his turn he fired two fists full of gauss shots, but only 1 glanced and I saved with my flat out cover. I warned him this might be the end of the game, as my dread assaulted one group and my DC assaulted the other. The Dread used the talons to wipe the whole squad. The DC with re-rolling hits and wounds decimated the other group. Since the all that was left was 5 Destroyers, he would phase.
        So, it was a quick game indeed, and as with a lot of wins, not much was learned. The raven with DC is pretty much the biggest whackin' stick you can find in terms of assaulting power. The Necron were outclassed from the start. But, I suggested now that he knows the ropes of the game like rolling, saves, cover, etc, that we get him to use an updated codex, or at least just not Necron. I still have Tau laying around from another friend, or I could have him learn an army I've never fought before, like Guard or Eldar. I'll see what I can talk him into. ;-) Back to painting!

        Friday, May 14, 2010

        Magnetizing Assault Marines

        As I mentioned before I finally got some new magnets to customize my marines. I plan that each squad's Sgt and Special Weapon guy (and Heavy Weapon in the tac squads) will be magnetized to switch up options. More cost effective than building multiple marines, given the current economy and rumored GW price hikes. For this I'm using the 3/16" x 1/32" disc magnets, which fit perfectly in the shoulder area of a marine. Anything smaller and I don't think there would be enough pull to hold up all the weapon types and anything bigger or thicker just won't work on such a small model. Drilling seemed to be out for such a large hole on a little model as well. The problem with simple drilling is it leaves a dimple, not a hole, so it's not always the correct shape, or you'd need a specialized bit that would leave the cut flat, but that's just more money out.

        Instead I simply just cut down the shoulder area on the torso, then I cut away a lot of plastic off the arm itself. This can negate the size of at least one of the magnets if you cut deep enough, and no one will be the wiser because of the shoulder pad. I don't cut away any of the rounded shoulder as this is what the armor pad has to attach to, I just take the part that makes contact with the torso down. Now, with this method, you won't really be able to get both hands on a rifle like the Melta-gun, or a Bolter for the Tac squads. For ASM, they ditch the pistol for the new weapon and always retain their Chainsword for CC. So, I just modeled my guys to dual-wield the rifle in one hand, and the sword in the other. My guys just can't wait to get into CC they already have their swords drawn, plus, this would account for my abilities to roll 2- a lot, haha. Since half of the special pistol options are left handed, but none of the rifle arms are, I just took a generic left-handed pistol arm and cut off the pistol, filed it down, and popped the flamer on it in this case. I'll do the same for another Melta when I buy more special weapons. Here are some images (click for larger detail) of what it looks like at this point.

        As you can see in some of the pics, it's not that noticeable when painted over and the magnets fit perfectly into the should pad areas. The first pic shows off some of the new Death Company sprue weapons that my Sgts will be using. This is a seriously easy process, just repetitive for so many options, but will save a ton of money, makes WYSIWYG quick, and gives your guys a bit of style with the moving parts. Plus it's fun to give him dual-pistols and dream. :-)

        Monday, May 10, 2010

        Painting My Rhinos

        Woo! I got my paint brushes (and magnets) in the mail on Saturday from I bought their Taklon brush set which has varying sizes from detail to large tank. I got a free tank brush months ago from one of their sales and been using it for my Rhinos and it's been awesome. I'm no artist, but I know I'm not a fan of the horse hair brushes so far, and these taklon bristles have been a lot more smooth and clean, so I bought a bunch more. I painted 3 of my Rhinos with the old mechrite base scheme already before I got my Ruddy Brown, but I based my new Baal Pred with the new spray paint to give the updated scheme a try. The process is now: Ruddy Brown Primer, Devlan Mud wash, Red Gore, and highlighting is actually on hold. I'm not a fan of the Blood Red paint; sorry, it's not a red, it's an orange and I need to mix it darker or find something else for my highlights. I added a ton of icons to my Rhinos for some character, but this has set me back as I really need to learn how to paint wings. So all my winged icons are on hold for a bit, but I also had a bunch of purity seals added. Since my armor is red, I decided to go for a green seal to contrast the armor. I basically did Knarloc Green foundation with a Thraka Green wash for the seal and Dheneb Stone foundation and Bleached Bone for the parchment.

        All I gotta say is I'm really happy with the way they turned out. Even with the different basing the color ended up looking all the same. The pic has one painted the old way and the one with the Baal front armor was done with RB primer. The only difference was the texture of the RB primer vs mechrite. It felt rough and it absorbed the wash and Red Gore, in a good way. There was no pooling or streaking; it just held the paint where I put it. You'll notice the Angel Icon on the Baal pred is lighter; that's what the primer looks like vs the end result with the Red Gore. I just need to finish the icons with wings, add some boltgun metal to the tracks and smoke stacks, paint the head lamps and the Rhinos will be done. I have a pile of vehicle accessories like more doors, hatches, gun mounts, etc based and washed, but I needed sleep before I could finish painting them. I also started 3 more tac marines with the new scheme. I based 'em red, then painted anything black I wanted next (like joints and tubes), then washed 'em down. I'll do the Red Gore today and finish them up and post pics.

        All in all, totally psyched to have new brushes to get the job done right. Oh, one thing I did start doing was a tip from Jawaballs. For the detail work, I started doing the thing where you put the detail brush in your mouth to lick the brush and twist it to a point. I thought it would be weird and taste bad, but it's really a great way to get the bristles moist without overdoing it by dipping in water, plus it keeps the point. For detail work it's great, anything more and yeah, you're just eating paint, lol.

        Let me know what ya think so far! I'll update as soon as I can.

        Friday, May 7, 2010

        New Base Coat Painting

        I've been starting up my painting blitz these past couple weeks to finally finish some models and get that satisfaction of having a painted army on the board. My Necron have been painted for a long time now, they just don't have any arms/guns because that assembly is made up of about 8 pieces per model (and I have 48 Warriors...) and that is just too daunting of a task when I don't like playing as them on the board. As for my Angels, I have about 15 assault troops, 10 tacticals, and 5 Rhinos, and a Land Speeder ready to go, including each of the PDF HQ-choice models.

        My original painting scheme was basing them in Primer Gray and then layering Mechrite Red, Devlan Mud wash, Red Gore, and highlighting with Blood Red. The first thing I found a problem is was the gray base. It works fine for soaking up the paint and giving it a smooth feel, but any place I couldn't paint (like arm pits, necks, etc) stood out against the dark red of the armor. Minor details, but distracting for me, so I decided I'd go get a black primer spray and redo my guys. I couldn't find a black primer in all my searching, but then I stumbled across something... Krylon Ruddy Brown Primer. Ruddy Brown for a red army, you ask? Only it comes out to be a perfect stand in for a dry Mechrite Red, with all the benefits of a primer and a spray and it was only $2.97 a can. Now, I looked around online for pictures of this in use and found a 40k article on the subject. They said it would be 5-6 bucks and not any better than the store brand 99 cent can of spray. I disagree because 1) it was only 3 bucks and 2) directional nozzle for sweeping passes instead of directed blast of paint and 3) it's actually a primer and not just a base paint. It leaves the model a little rough to the touch, so paint will stick and get soaked up instead of just pushed around and pool up. This addresses the inaccessible areas as well, while not a dark black shadow, it is at least in the same ballpark red and not contrasted gray. Also it's not a heavy black that will need many coats of white/light paint to do chest eagles or eyes. And for the lazy man in all of us, even after basing them in Ruddy Brown, if you can't get to painting all you stuff, it still LOOKS NICE on the board. It's not a wall of gray or black (which I guess would be okay for Wolf and Templar players, lol) but actually looks passable. Below are some pics to show what I mean. 

        (Click for bigger pics)

        Everything in those are just a few minutes of time with the Ruddy Brown except the Rhino top that holds the turret, because I painted it before I found the spray paint, but it's still not a final product. For those that haven't seen the new BA models, that is the new Baal Pred turret with one of the new included icons attached to the Rhino door. The front has the icon shown in most official pictures of it. The doors and the turret are fully magnetized, as I blogged about earlier. Also, the two guys next to it are the new Death Company models that I will be using as veteran Sgts. Anyway, some professional painters might cry fowl and say I'm doing it wrong, but I like the results so far. Still waiting on my new brushes, so work will be on hold for awhile, but for whatever reason, I'm way more happy to play with these guys than my Gray Angels that have been in my battle reports before.