Friday, May 14, 2010

Magnetizing Assault Marines

As I mentioned before I finally got some new magnets to customize my marines. I plan that each squad's Sgt and Special Weapon guy (and Heavy Weapon in the tac squads) will be magnetized to switch up options. More cost effective than building multiple marines, given the current economy and rumored GW price hikes. For this I'm using the 3/16" x 1/32" disc magnets, which fit perfectly in the shoulder area of a marine. Anything smaller and I don't think there would be enough pull to hold up all the weapon types and anything bigger or thicker just won't work on such a small model. Drilling seemed to be out for such a large hole on a little model as well. The problem with simple drilling is it leaves a dimple, not a hole, so it's not always the correct shape, or you'd need a specialized bit that would leave the cut flat, but that's just more money out.

Instead I simply just cut down the shoulder area on the torso, then I cut away a lot of plastic off the arm itself. This can negate the size of at least one of the magnets if you cut deep enough, and no one will be the wiser because of the shoulder pad. I don't cut away any of the rounded shoulder as this is what the armor pad has to attach to, I just take the part that makes contact with the torso down. Now, with this method, you won't really be able to get both hands on a rifle like the Melta-gun, or a Bolter for the Tac squads. For ASM, they ditch the pistol for the new weapon and always retain their Chainsword for CC. So, I just modeled my guys to dual-wield the rifle in one hand, and the sword in the other. My guys just can't wait to get into CC they already have their swords drawn, plus, this would account for my abilities to roll 2- a lot, haha. Since half of the special pistol options are left handed, but none of the rifle arms are, I just took a generic left-handed pistol arm and cut off the pistol, filed it down, and popped the flamer on it in this case. I'll do the same for another Melta when I buy more special weapons. Here are some images (click for larger detail) of what it looks like at this point.

As you can see in some of the pics, it's not that noticeable when painted over and the magnets fit perfectly into the should pad areas. The first pic shows off some of the new Death Company sprue weapons that my Sgts will be using. This is a seriously easy process, just repetitive for so many options, but will save a ton of money, makes WYSIWYG quick, and gives your guys a bit of style with the moving parts. Plus it's fun to give him dual-pistols and dream. :-)


The 25mm Warrior said...

Wow. I never thought to mag my troops before. Looks tedious but the end result is fantastic. Nice job mate!

Chumbalaya said...

Good call. Magnets ftw.

SynnerG said...

Thanks guys! Once I got a process down for removing the arm-pit plastic, it got easier. I just cut straight down towards the shoulder, then come from the top of the shoulder down to the first cut. This removes a good chunk of plastic in one go. Then I use a flat file (GW brand) and flatten the surface. The magnet fits perfectly in that gap I made, so it reduces the overall added size of using magnets, plus it's hidden.

I'll be doing this for the Sgt choices like power weapon, fist, and hammer as well, then the same for my tac squad's Heavy Weapon guy. The fact that I mostly buy my parts in units of "bitz" makes this possible, since you'd run out of shoulder pads n stuff if you bought straight up kits.

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