Saturday, May 29, 2010

Army List: 750pt Tau - Scouting Cadre

Army list, ok... wait, for Tau?! Yeah, that's right, I'm dipping my toes into a different army for the moment. I'm still painting my Angels, no worries, but I'm mixing things up. If you check out the blog Tau of War you will see my help desk email with more information. Basically my friend is learning Tau and making me read the codex and I've gotten bitten by the Greater Good. I made up a list at work, but got a quick reply for some help and tweaked it. This is what I got so far:
  • Shas'el XV8 (Targeting Array, Plasma Rifle, Fusion Blaster)
    • Drone Controller: Shield Drone and Gun Drone
  • 3x Shas'ui XV8 (TL-Missile Pod, Flamer)
    • Team Leader with Shield Drone
  • 6-Fire Warriors
    • Devilfish with Disrupt Pods and Multi-tracker
  • 10-Kroot and 5-Hounds
  • 2x Shas'ui XV88 (Targeting Array x2)
    • Team Leader with Shield Drone
I'm sure it's not the most efficient or whatever, but it's my first list with the army so be gentle. I figure not a lot of use with multi-trackers on the suits because i'll either be firing at range and scooting away, or if they catch me, i'll just use the flamers. Sure, if it was 1500pt game, I'd take em, but I need to squeeze out points. Plus it mirrors a lot of what Old Shatter Hands suggested, so take it up with him. :-p I'll write up a report as soon as I test it out. As for my friend, he's making his own list that will fight my Angels. Hoping to give him good advice and turn him to OSH's blog for deployment tips and actually give me a challenge that the Necron were not providing. A rep will follow for that as well.


Chumbalaya said...

I don't know how necessary Railguns will be at such a small points level. A Hammerhead is more versatile.

Otherwise, it looks like you've got the basics of a Tau army down pretty well. When you can, markerlights make life so much easier.

SynnerG said...

Well true the rails might not be great at this point lvl, but at least they have the smart missile system which isn't to be scoffed at. We'll see how this goes and hopefully move up to 1500pts soon. :)

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