Monday, May 24, 2010

Army List: 1500pt Mech (v1.1.0)

After fiiiinally getting in some games with the new Blood Angel Codex, I have a better idea of how they handle. These have been 500-750pt games, but it's a start. I thought I'd start gearing up for 1500pt games again, once Jason gets up to speed on an updated codex, as the Necron are starting to show their age for him. I decided to drop Razorbacks for Rhinos for their versatility, and frankly, because they are cheap. Armor 11 was no match for even his need to roll 6s to at most glance. With a Rhino you're not losing a 35pt weapon in a single hit and if they become immobilized, Rhinos can repair themselves and RZBs cannot.  My shuffle also allows me to field full 10-man squads so I can get more special weapons on the board (normally Meltas). Currently, in this draft state, I have the below army plus 140pts remaining for either more Sternguard or upgrades to my Rhinos like Extra Armor to keep them moving up the board.

2x 10-man ASM: PF, 2x Melta, Rhino 500
2x 5-man ASM: PW/MB, 1x Melta, Rhino 290
2x Librarian (Shield, Lance) 200
2x Priest 100
1x 10-man Sternguard: 2x Missile Launcher (Combat Squads) 270

The 5-man squads ride with the Priest and Libby and are basically utility vehicles providing cover and FC/FP bubbles. Others like kitting these guys out for CC awesomeness, but that whole "single out ICs" in close combat is dangerous, especially as neither have a invul save and cost 50-100pts each. The forward Rhinos will blaze away with their Meltas and the support Rhinos will blaze away with another one plus Blood Lances all while shielded a bit. I can always disembark the Priest and Libby, say if needed for their insta-kill sword or leave the priests to provide FNP while my 5-men retreat to a flag point. More to come...


Sgt. Brisbane said...

Nice list, man. I like the thought process behind the choices. I might try it out once I finish up the rest of my Rhinos.

It's refreshing to see a list without 37 Baal Preds, too, lol. Although, to be honest, Baals make me giddy^^

Chumbalaya said...

No Preds?

Sad panda.

I think losing 1 Libby and the Sternguard could net you 2 AC/LC Preds for long range firepower and infernus pistols for the 5 man squads so you get dual melta going.

SynnerG said...

Thanks for the comments guys! I've always been a big proponent of the Baal Pred in the old PDF, but now, with Sternguard to provide dakka, I dunno. Yes, no armor value, but stick them in a ruin and have a field day. Maybe using the Baals as outflankers, but I have yet to try.

I think what is shaping this list is who I play against. This is meant to be an all comers, but I mostly play a) out of date codexes and b) a good 'nid player. Just having a lot of dudes with FNP will work for case a and the 'guard are there for case b. My prob is my lists are doing well right now, against non-competitive people and lists, so I'm not being properly challenged. Nor am I facing huge Mech armies like Gaurd or skimmer Eldar, which would need more armor and armor killing potential. I'm editing up a batrep using the above list that I'll post tomorrow which will show case what I mean.

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