Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Battle Report 1000pt: BA vs Tau - League Practice

Fit in a quick game to practice for Friday's League game. Here's a repeat of the scenario: "The game will play out that there is an attacker and the other is defender (determined by dice roll). The defender will hold a central bunker with the rest of his army coming from the deployment zone (a sort of reinforcement scenario). Winner is determined by Victory Points, but you get bonus League Points for either eliminating the defenders in the building and then holding it (if attacker) or having those troops survive (if defender). Both sides can get bonus points for holding more table quarters than the other as well."

So, I rolled higher and took the Attack role. If I should be a defender in the League game, I have a plan in mind already. Since everything of mine was deep striking, he got a free turn to set up his heavy weapons and he was planning on taking his troops from the building and falling back instead of making it a meat grinder. His list was:
  • Shas'O (Plasma; Ion Blaster; MT)
    • 2x Bodyguards (Plasma; Flamer; MT)
  • 2x 6-man Fire Warrior
  • 1x 4-man Pathfinder (1-Rail Rifle; mandatory DF)
  • 2x Hammerhead (Ion; SMS; MT)
  • 1x 3-man Broadside Team (TL-Rail; SMS; MT)
I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:
With that, I was able to wipe out everything except the DF was still immobile, a suit, and a single gun drone. That would basically chalk up to a Massacre of 17pts holding probably 2 table quarters and the center building, plus 1 for killing the troop choice from the center for the max 20pts. My VV squad of two L. Claws failed me and never came on until turn 5 and never assaulted because they scattered 4" away from the XV8 suits (plus the built in distance I gave them so they wouldn't scatter onto the suits). All my troops got shot to pieces with the XVs taking out one whole unit of 5 on their DS turn. The Libby did very little in the role I thought he'd play, but he did kill off the two suits, getting the Shas'O with his Force Sword sapping all its wounds at once. The priest also was outside of helping range most of the game, but that was just poor placement and reserves rolling.

So, there it is. It went well, but could have gone better if my VV came in soon, so the ASM had to pick up the slack. They did alright, but my goal is to not commit them if I don't have to to combat. I didn't adhear to that rule this time and it got me shot to pieces. I need to be more focused on a game plan instead of just reacting to what I see on the board and throwing it out the window.

»Side note, how do you guys play the Blood Chalice FC bubble? Do the units just have to start in range of it in the start of the Assault Phase to benefit from it (4th Ed PDF method) or check for FC after the assault move is completed when you need to determine what everyone's Initiative value is?


Chumbalaya said...

I play it the latter way with my Blood Chalice and Tervigons. It requires a bit more precision with assaults, but usually shouldn't be an issue.

Looks like the blue boyz got slapped around. I love the jumper build.

Noveltyboy said...

I think you will find to benefit from furious assult rule you have to be in range before you declare your charge as thats when the rule takes effect if you are in range after a charge you would not gain the benefit as you have already skipped the step it takes effect. I play tau and i dread playing combat armies especially those that can turn 1 combat you

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