Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Dice Gods hate me

So I revised my list a bit at 1000pts to fit in more troops and another priest. Jason and I replayed the scenario for the league but I was defender this time. Not doing a full report or anything as the models themselves performed well and all that, but the dice gods cursed me. For every roll of 2 or more dice, about 75% of the time a 1 came up. I only wish I could have video recorded the battle so you could see the BS that was going down. Just fist fulls of dice when my marines charge in with FC, hitting on 3s and wounding on 4s (fighting XV8s and 88s) and just a sea of 1s and 2s everywhere. I was locked in combat on turns 4, 5, and 6 with 3 XV8s and a nother combat of 3 XV88s. Turns 4 and 5 saw a whopping 2 unsaved wounds between the two groups total, and those were from power weapons, as he was making all his armor saves for normal attacks. 1 wound per group from an assault crazy army into Tau. And suits have 2 wounds each, so I didn't kill anybody for those two turns. Then his suit swings around with it's mechanical arm at S5 and crushes a marine or two every turn because of my 1s on armor saves. By the end of turn six, when we rolled and the game ended, I killed 1 XV88 (leaving 2 untouched) and two XV8s, leaving the Shas'O with a single wound left.

The game was a bowl of mediocre. We tallied up the VPs and we had a whopping 7 VP difference, leading to a tactical draw. He had 2 half-strength units and one full strength, and I had 3 half-strength units left. The table was a veritable murder field, seeing handfuls of marines and tau die every turn, except the last 3 turns that were slug fests with both side's most survivable units all that was remaining. It was not a fun night, not because it was a draw or my marines died, but just because I could not roll "average". When I whipped out the bolter pistols before a charge, you better believe I was rolling tons of 6s, lotta good that does me... I even had a lightning claw on a Sgt and 1 failed to hit, then I rolled SNAKE EYES on the wounds, re-rolled got ANOTHER 1 and a 5 to finally wound. If I actually rolled the average I'm supposed to for a marine army, I would be devastating. *sigh*

I was always against the idea, but I guess I should build some TH/SS Termie list, maybe with the Codex Marines book or with BA so I can get FNP too, something so I can feel better about myself with schlodes of 2+ armor. I'll still lose a bunch to my fists of 1s, but saves on 2 and wounds on 2 all the time will make feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. If this keeps up in the league games, I'll just make 40k a painting hobby and quit playing.



Chumbalaya said...

Everybody has bad days. I took my Loganwing to a tourney and matched up against mech DE first round. Me and my army of missile launchers versus a bunch of open-topped AV10 paper air plances. Massacre, right? Too bad I missed or failed to damage with virtually every shot.

It's frustrating at first, but once you start laughing at it life gets much easier.

IntereoVivo said...

:( I hate that. Often I find that games like that are worse then games where I am clearly out-played.

Nice Blog man.

SynnerG said...

Thanks Intereo, I joined up on your blog as well. I hope this was just to get out all my 1s and 2s before the league game, where it will matter more. :-)

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