Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Battle Report: 750pt BA vs Tau - Retaliation

The scouting party of marines that were dispatched were left bloodied and crawling back, past their smoking Rhinos as the second squad arrived on the battlefield. This battle report covers the rematch Jason and I declared at the start of the previous game where he stole the initiative. We deployed exactly in the pics as the first battle report. The follow are what happened with me zooming up to the center.
I skipped pics of turn 1 and 2 as I only get to the center and use cover and no shots were landed on me that did damage. The pics are tops of turn 3 and 4 and bottom of 4 and 5. The game ended at the bottom of 5. While I wasn't crushing him, I did a ton better as I had the mobility to get into range of disembarking and assaulting. Even with melta guns and bombs, I only managed to wreck one HH and take off an Ion Cannon and Burst Cannon the whole game. But, it was enough to keep the wounds from piling up. He was able to hold me off until turns 4-5 before I accumulated any real KPs, which ended in a 5 - 2 win for me. It goes to show that the littlest thing like having first turn can turn the tide. The scary thing is that Jason is refining his list as I type this, which means it will only get tougher for me as he becomes more points efficient and picks deadlier weapons.


Chumbalaya said...

Rushing headlong into Tau firepower can lead to some very one-sided games depending on the dice rolls. Mobility helps a lot, as does even a smidge of ranged fire to suppress his.

SynnerG said...

Wasn't much of an option, since all my anti-tank was basically 6-12" range, so I had to ram it down. Plus, once the rhino goes down, and it will, it's not that far of a run to get into CC. I may rebuild a list with JPs to help counter this a bit, relying on map cover and my Libby's Shield.

Not getting many comments lately on this stuff, but at least I have you Chumby, lol. Thanks for the consistent posts. :-)

Chumbalaya said...

Yep, that's just how the army's gonna work, especially at smaller point values. Once you get up to larger games things open up and the game becomes less rock-paper-scissors.

I'm always commenting on stuff because I know how much it sucks to write something and have no response. It just seems wrong to read something and leave somebody hanging.

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