Friday, June 11, 2010

Army List: 1000pt Jump Pack - League Play

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(Happy 50th Blog Post to me!)

Just a quick update today with a new army list for my next League game, which is slated for 1000pts. The game will play out that there is an attacker and the other is defender (determined by dice roll). The defender will hold a central bunker with the rest of his army coming from the deployment zone (a sort of reinforcement scenario). Winner is determined by Victory Points, but you get bonus League Points for either eliminating the defenders in the building and then holding it (if attacker) or having those troops survive (if defender). Both sides can get bonus points for holding more table quarters than the other as well. Here is what I came up with as a possible list:
  • 1x 10-man ASM (2x MG; PF)
  • 1x 5-man ASM (1x MG; PW)
  • 1x Libby (JP; Shield, Lance)
  • 1x Priest (JP)
  • 1x 10-man Vanguard Veteran
    • Squad 1 (Sgt with L. Claw & SS; second L. Claw & SS)
    • Sqaud 2 (Thunder Hammer & SS; second SS)
This comes out to 1000pts even. My main concern is the few troops, with either just 2, or combat squad the first unit to have 3 weak squads. The Libby and Priest will travel with the 5-man ASM to provide their powers, but be behind the 10-man for cover and try to stay out of CC as long as possible. The VV will be squadded down so I have two "beat-sticks" that will DS in and one will go for squishy infantry support like Long Fangs, Broadsides, Rangers, etc. The other will try to take out MCs or a tank. They will be there to do the damage while the ASM are there to take on easy targets like other troop choices and then fall back to take table quarters or the center objective. I don't want to commit them to the grinder of combat unless my VV are struggling.

I will be play testing this on Monday to see how viable it is with Jason. I have to submit my army list by Wednesday, so I'll have a day or so to tweak this should it not do well in testing. As for caveats, yes, I'd like to maybe get another weapon in the Squad 2 of the VV, but this is still only 1000pts so it was hard when you need the basics like troops and a libby with pack. And I'm using a TH instead of a PF cause I had 5 points swimming around and hey, I've never fielded one before so let's try it out! In my first game I didn't even have any power weapons or invul saves at all and I took out a draw by playing the objectives and not trying to slaughter the enemy, so this should be a bit more effective.

»Anyone have experience with VV and how to field them? Some people suggested I go Glaive instead of Claw, but not sure about it. Re-roll any failed wounds or re-roll a single failed to-hit? Or just go with the extra attack with the simple power-sword?


Chumbalaya said...

I think 5 of the VV to buff your 2nd Ras to 10 men and add a Priest would be nice. More FNP/FC coverage and some leftover points to trick out your VV.

LC > Glaive. Re-rolling all wounds more than makes up for re-rolling 1 attack.

Pavonis said...

With Furious Charge, a PW out performs a single LC or glaive.
My experience is that Blood Lance isn't worth using. It's a 4" to 24" range with an average being ~12". It might serve you better to take Sword for the str10 attacks going on initiative, or the other one that you can give yourself or the PF troops +d3 attacks.
Sticking with the PF instead of TH allows you to give another VV a meltabomb for an extra anti-vehicle, and if you're TH guy gets an unlucky save, you still have a backup.

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