Monday, June 7, 2010

Battle Report: 500pt BA vs Tau - Skirmish

I got word of an Escalation League at the LGS where it starts at 500 then goes to up every two weeks to 1000, 1500, and ends at 2000. I'll detail it out in my next post which will cover the first game I played of the League. I built a list, mostly in fear of a mech enemy. Someone sneaky trying to field minimum troops and fit in a tank or walkers. The list was:
  • 1x Libby (Shield, Lace)
  • 1x Priest (Meltabombs)
  • 3x 5-man ASM (Sgt has MBs; 1x Meltagun)
This comes out to 500 even. Covers vehicles well, but no power weapons or fists and that is the weakness here. The Tau list was:
  • 1x Shas'el (Flamer; TL-MP)
  • 2x 6-man FireWarriors
  • 2x Hammerhead (Ion Cannon; SMS; MT; D-pods; Sensor Spines)
Basically my plan was to drop down first chance I got and melta the tanks and then do mop up. My Priest drops in first just fine but my Libby squad fails, even with DoA and the normal squad makes it in. I place my Priest near his HH on his flag but since I only have the 1 squad now, I take the shot on his HQ suit instead. Melta fails and one pistol wounds him, woo... The other normal squad drops near my flag to keep his units from just piling on it and holding it all game. In retrospect, I might have done better dropping it on the HH as well to try and pop it, or the suit. It boiled down to my two special squads working together on his point, and my loner squad holding the home base and him having two teams of a HH and 6 FW (one at his flag, one at my flag) with his HQ in the center, lending missile pods where needed. I only ever shot down a HH and nothing else, proving to be quite ineffective. However, I was able to weather dozens and dozens of wounds from missions and pulse rifles, winning the game by just surviving.

I'll soon do a write up of the actual League game I participated in and details on how it is structured.


    Chumbalaya said...

    I like the DoA jumper army, it's great for catching anybody off guard since it can be so difficult to prepare for.

    SynnerG said...

    Yeah, kinda takes the bite out of someone going first or laying out their super units of doom ready for an alpha strike and I go "I'll be deep striking everything with a re-roll to fails and only 1d6 scatter."

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