Saturday, June 19, 2010

Battle Report: 500pt BA vs Tau - League Round 2

Last night saw round 2 of the Escalation League at my local store. I showed up on time like usual, but a lot of people couldn't play that day and will have to reschedule. There were an odd number of players so one would have to sit out til someone showed up. The more seasoned Space Wolf player I faced off with in round 1 said he would wait and let me face the other person waiting to play. He said this was his first time playing 40k and he pulled out a Tau army... Well what are the odds? I already felt bad for the kid before deployment. I had to re-do my list since it was built for 1000pts, so this was what I came up with at an even 500pt:
  • 1x Libby (JP; Shield, S10 Sword)
  • 3x 5-man ASM (1x MG; PW)
His army was approximately: 
  • 1x Ethereal
  • 1x 12-man FW Squad with Team Leader
  • 1x ~20-man Kroot Squad with Shaper
  • 1x Hammerhead (Rail; SMS; MT)
You all read my rant in the post below right? Well, I didn't want it to happen, but the dice gods were bowing down to me. I chose to go second and DS everything so he got 2 free turns of movement, as he spread out to take other table quarters. I decided to DS everything right behind his HH to melta it... and it happened. All 3 units and the Libby (all on his own) all made it in from reserves and either hit or scattered 1". This lined up 3 meltas with one taking down his HH in an explosion and the other popping the Ethereal. This lead his FW to take a leadership and they failed. This led them to fall back into me within 6" and they couldn't regroup and ran off the table without firing a shot. The Kroot turned around to charge at me but were outside of assault range so just fired and killed off 2 marines. I shot into the Kroot to weaken 'em and then the Libby and two units charged, with the 3rd waiting in the back to hold that table quarter. By the end of the turn the Kroot were wiped, ending the game on bottom turn 3.
The Organizer gave me the Massacre and points for assuming I could continue the game to hold 3 quarters and ones other than my deployment zone and this would could as my round 2. So, I'll have to make a 1500pt list for two weeks from now. I told the guy I fought that I felt bad for doing it, but really, I didn't think I'd pull off all units in on turn 2 like that and still get in all my shots in. We talked a bit about how he could improve some of his list, but really, not much can be done against my entire force starting withing 12" of his. He could use the Kroot as bubble wrap so I had to deal with them first, but this was his first game, so it's not like he knew that meta-game technique. Some of the other games going on were Plague Marines vs Eldar and Ork vs Space Wolves. Since they were in transports and the models were on the side table, I thought I'd take another pic of the Wolves:


Chumbalaya said...

Man, those Wolves look nice.

Hopefully your opponent learned to keep his defenseless leaders off the battlefield next time :P

SynnerG said...

Haha, yeah, I was quite surprised to see the Ethereal on the board, but he didn't even have any bodyguards to soak up wounds. He said he'd be back at the next game, tho we won't be fighting against each other again per the rules, but I hope he isn't discouraged.

I didn't learn much per se from the battle, except my army is fully capable of taking down important units, IF I roll well, so nothing is wrong with my army selection. Just gotta not suck with the dice anymore.

IntereoVivo said...

Ouch. Hate to see that happen to new players. Seems like you handled it graciously though.

Sgt. Brisbane said...

@Chumbalaya: I especially like the bases!

Nice report SynnerG, it's good you handled it the way you did, it would have been easy to scare a new player away after such an experience.

Point him to your last rant, though, and he'll understand that dice are fickle lords!

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