Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Magnetizing My Baal Predator

Well, I've been working on my new Baal Predator since I got it on Friday and ready to post a couple pics. I decided to magnetize a few things like the turret and the Hunter-Killer Missile. Of course the sponsons are magnetized for either Rhino doors or the weapons, but this time I decided against trying to mag the HB and HF options. Partly because they have been redesigned and tougher to do now, but also, I never feel like I'll run HF, just personal preference. There's always count-as... Anyway, besides the weapons on the turret itself, there is a back portion, called the bustle, for either the Flamestorm or the Assault Cannons. I pretty much took the cheap and easy approach to this by using magnets and glue. This isn't the strongest combo, as the glue can fail on you if the pull is too strong. Something like green-stuff might be better after it cures, but I'm no good with that stuff so far. Here is what my pieces look like:

As you can see, the magnet in the center of each bustle will match up with the one in the back of the turret. The one to right of the back magnet is for the Hunter-Killer Missile. You can take it on and off as you use it and still leave the paint job on the outside pristine. I also felt bored enough to add a magnet for the smoke launcher, so if I pop smoke I can remove it. For the turret weapon, the part that pivots will stay in the housing, and the gun choice can be slipped in and the cowling slipped over the top for a snug fit and add matching bustle. Easy as pie, haha. Now I can seal all these parts up and move on to the next stage. As for my DC looking Sgts, they are all built up to the last part which is magnetizing their arms for weapon choices, but otherwise look great.


Chumbalaya said...


Somewhatdamaged said...

you dont actually need to magnetize any of the weapons with the new pred, they all stay on without the need for them or glue
the sponsons go together without the need for glue, an can be switched easily without any magnets at all
the assault cannons stay on without magnets and the flamestorm just needs a small amount of blu-tac

Haunter said...

Yeah, the sponson weapons seemed to be alright without the glue, but seems tacky since the gun and ammo box could be separated or have a tight fit. And blue-tac can be... tacky too, same with just dry fitting. I don't need some absent minded kid walking past my highly expensive model, knocking it, and my turret fall apart and scratch the paint job.

Plus, it adds and easy on and off move I can do in every game for weapon destroyed or using smoke and HK missiles, so I don't forget I already popped smoke on turn 1 and now I'm trying to do it again on turn 5. Dry fitting is just too loose, and tac will lose strength over time and leave the model with smudges as it rubs off.

Michael said...

Good work there. Seems nice and clean. I have an older Baal pred that I magnetized, and the paint job is not holding up like I would like it to.

This seems like a good alternative. Get it painted, we all want to see it!

Haunter said...

Thanks Michael! I think the biggest hurdle so far with my BA army has been sitting down to paint. I have a couple marines that are primed and ready to go, and my 4 other normal Rhino chassis are ready too (magnetized to be whatever). I'm just not confident enough to start that painting process. But as soon as I buck up and get some results I'll definitely post them.

Feldmarshal Goehring said...

Glad to see you are still plugging along. Looks like great work with the magnets.

As far as painting is concerned: Consider this my encouraging word for you to get started. LOL!

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