Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tac Marine Painting Test

Well, last night I did. I sat down, stared at one of my tac marines and started painting. I chose one with a simple chest icon and a rank and file guy so I could glue the bolter and back pack on and be done with it. Not gunna get in too much of a hoop-la over this 'cause I need to go back and add another layer of red to the power pack, and it would need icons on his shoulders and basing, but it took me weeks to actually do just this much. If I had a table full of guys at this point, I would not be disappointed. I didn't mean to steal it, but the scheme comes out to be pretty much the Angels Encarmine layout. I love darker, muted reds than the bright Blood Red of the typical BA. I also love the look of the Flesh Tearers, and that might be how my assault marines turn out, with black helms and shoulders. Anyhoo:
For the color scheme it's as follows:
  • Base with Primer Gray spray paint
  • Mechrite Red Foundation
  • Devlan Mud Wash
  • Gore Red
  • Blood Red highlight
  • Knarloc Green Foundation
  • Goblin Green
Purity Seal:
  • Mechrite Red Foundation
  • Gore Red
  • Leviathan Purple Was
  • Dheneb Stone Foundation
  • Gryphonne Sepia Wash 
  • Boltgun Metal
  • Devlan Mud Wash
Nothing fancy, just a couple layers. I wanted quick and easy. I have no real painting skill and have shaky hands, so I don't like to dwell in one area for long or it just smears. As such, the highlighting with Blood Red was nigh impossible. I need to practice that more and take more time. I can whip up a few more of these and some assaulters, but a full force won't be ready until I magnetize my Sgts and Special Weapons models. I'll post again when I clean this guy up or have another test model done.


Michael said...

I like the color scheme. It looks familiar for some reason ;) I add some bleached bone highlights on mine too, along with your same black and dark reds. I think the scheme is much more menacing than the flamboyant red and orange that pops up sometimes.

Good job, and good luck getting the rest of them done. I know it is hard to stare at a pile a minis and not get discouraged. You can do it!

By the way, I got another batrep up for my jump pack list, you might find it enlightening or interesting. Check it out.

Haunter said...

Thanks Michael. I posted a comment on that report, btw. Last night I went back and added some more paint to where the color looks off in the pic, so it should be a bit better now. I also did some more highlighting, but I'm still not a fan of my skills at it. That or my detail brush really sucks, I don't know. All in all, I've seen worse, plus, it's better than my current all primer gray force, lol.

Gavin Schofield said...

I like the darker red you've gone for. I'd recommend leaving the fine details and transfers for a while, painting a bunch of models to that standard, and then going back to highlight after say, 20 models or 30 models.

This means you'll have more of them looking good on the table for the moment, and you'll have a bit more practice when it comes to highlighting.

I know whenever I stop painting for a few months I have to get back into the swing of it again, and this helps.

Post more of them when you've finished the squad!

Haunter said...

Thanks for the good words Gavin! Yeah, the most important stuff I've read so far about painting is taking your time and putting the model down. I just need to accept it as is, paint more, and come back with fresh eyes. If you dwell on one model for too long, you'll never be happy with it. Oh, and consider your blog followed. :-)

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