Friday, April 23, 2010

Tac Marine / ASM Painting Update

I decided to get another model off the painting line, this time an Assault Marine. He doesn't have either pack in the picture because I will magnetize all of them to be either Jump or Mech troops, so that is for later. I also took a new pic of my first Tac Marine. The painting process was mostly the same, only this time I painted the soft armor parts Chaos Black before my base coat. Last time I just painted the whole thing red and used Badab Black wash in those areas. I like the more solid black of straight paint instead of the wash, so I'll do it that way from now on. I added a Dark Angels icon to the ASM's boot that I painted with Shining Gold on the blade and Dheneb Stone on the wing and the helm is all black. I'll tell you, the models look fine in your hand, but looking at these pictures, there's just so much detail up close, I can see a lot of places I messed up. I'll have to go back and touch these up, but basically, this is what most of my army would look like. You'll also see my Tac Marine has more highlights and the pack looks like the right color this time compared to the first post. But yeah, my highlights are crazy wide and I'm using a Reaper 10/0 detail brush. Apparently I need to do this with a pin needle or something to get such smaller lines.


Chumbalaya said...

Kewl, I like the darker red.

Michael said...

i really like the black helmet, it looks great imo.

Keep doing the highlights, they look good, and it makes the model look much better.

And don't sweat the imperfections you see on a up close camera shot. I feel the same way about my models even after putting 20 hours of work into them. The camera will do that to just about anyone. Just keep practicing and you will get better and better.

Haunter said...

Thanks guys! I have a handful more models I can actually paint. Then maybe I can try my hand at my herd of Rhinos. I really want to see those painted bad-boys on my gaming table soon.

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