Monday, June 27, 2011

The Future of My 40k Hobby

*opens the door slowly with a creak noise, finding all the lights off* Hello? Any one home? *flips on the lights to find all his old 40k models and blog posts right where he left them*

It's been a long time since I've been posting, aruging on forums, and playing the 40k table top game. I did as my last post indicated, run a Dark Heresy RPG campaign with my friends, which went off pretty well. They encountered Necrons (they had to cave in some ruins in time or they would die to flayer fire) and heretical cultists that were kidnapping people to turn into super soldiers of their own. Good times had by all and in the mean time we're playing other RPGs, but I plan on either returning to DH or going balls to the wall and play Death Watch. In addition to this, I'm excited for the general IP with the upcoming PSN title "Kill Team" which a friend and I plan on buying and co-oping, as well as getting Space Marine for PC. The more I see video of SM (from this past month's E3 conference) I'm more excited for it and believe Relic can pull it off.

I also got my RP group to try out some wargamming on Sunday. We did 2 v 2 with Kill Team rules, so 400 v 400 points. I had 9 ASM and my friend that had never played this before had 5 Stern Guard and 5 scout snipers vs 2 Tau suits and some rail-rifle troops and a team of Eldar Banshees and Dire Avengers. Honestly, I've never fought Eldar before, even in my local tournament they never made an appearance, and they were pretty scary. I know the Banshees are built as anti-marine units, but general their speed and initiative was devastating. I basically sacrificed myself to kill off all the ranged characters so the Banshees would have to run across the board and take a hail of AP 4 weapons that pierce their armor. In the end we got the other team down below 50% first so they had to take like 4 leadership tests and passed em all, and then we killed all their units down to just a suit and we failed our 2nd leadership test or something. Kinda crappy result with our upper hand and all, but oh well, everyone had fun and hopefully we can do it again sometime.

I of course have only been back into 40k for a day now and I see the 6th Edition rumors flying about and I'm already feeling like hanging it up since I hate change. Plus all the hate for GW from basically everyone online for the way they handle customers and such. Eh, I dunno, all that is on the back burner and I'll just stick to the video games and RPG and painting.


HOTpanda said...

Filter out the negativity and visit smaller blogs like your own that promotes the hobby instead of raining down on it. I have stopped visiting several of the major blog sites as they are filled with GW hate and speculations of rumours that are a long way off. Just remember that what you put into the hobby is what you will get out of it.

SynnerG said...

Thanks panda. I'll let the super blogs handle all the speculation on 6th and all that. I'll just enjoy what I can out of the property.

J.R. Vosovic said...

Hey man, I had a chance to play both KT and SM @ E3, check out my review, both were great.

SynnerG said...

Lucky you M3M! I can't wait for these games! I totally missed a game report that DoW3 is now in production and will feature an MMO-Strategy style system with probably some on going combat over territories and leveling up of a character to use across all multiplayer matches. It's something I'd like to see and hopefully the graphics engine gets another boost, not because DoW2 was lacking, but since it was so detailed and gorgeous I can't wait to see them pack in even more!

My only complaint with DoW2 was really that in Chaos Rising you could have completely corrupted units in blighted armor, but they still looked and talked like normal units for the most part. Felt like they needed more cosmetic changes to really feel the corruption eating at them.

Feldmarshal Goehring said...

Don't give up the hobby over some complainers. I agree with HOTpanda. Find a good playgroup, and visit the blogs of those who enjoy the best parts of our hobby.

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