Saturday, February 13, 2010

Battle Report - 1000pt Necron vs Codex Marines

Managed to get in a quick game last night with my friend Garrett's Codex Marines. He built them back in 3rd Ed when he was a kid and had a few 3rd Ed models including an old school Rhino. He picked up the 5th Ed codex and set on making his list for 1000pts. He was surprised by all the changes and especially that he could fit so many units in 1000pts compared to the old price totals. I figured I'd dust off my Necrons since I've really only been playing my Blood Angels lately.

  • Captain
  • 1x Tactical Squad (Melta-gun)
  • 1x Scout Squad (Snipers)
  • 1x Sterngaurd
  • 1x Dreadnought (Assault Cannon/Arm)
  • 1x Attack Bike (Multi-melta)
  • 1x Terminator Squad (Assault Cannon)
  • Destroyer Lord with Solar Pulse
  • 5x Destroyers
  • 2x10 Warrior squad
  • Monolith
This is the first time I fought non-Chaos marines, so I don't know exactly what to expect or how his army will work. We stick to pitched battle for simplicity, but roll for missions and get 5 objective points. He wins roll off and passes 1st turn to me. I set up along the length of the table and he does the same.
(Click for larger pics)

 Nothing too amazing happens as I take out his lonely Captain (the guy at the bottom of the picture of marine deployment) with my Destroyers. I move up the Monolith and catch the edge of the tactical squad with my Particle Whip, wounding a few. My Warriors were there to basically hold the line, which would not last. To keep things simple, I kept whittling away his units with shots while his Termies and Dread advanced with guns blazing. He assaulted my left most Warrior group and swept them with the Dread. I took out his tactical squad and scouts, leaving him no troop choices to hold. 
He swung his Termies at my last Warrior squad in the center bunker. They had chainfists that tore open that bunker like a can opener. It ended in a draw: I held one with troops but he contested and he had 0 with no troop choices. Since it was years for him, and like 6 months for me, we were both constantly going "Oh damn it, I shouldn't have done that!" and basically lots of learning happened. I learned I hate terminators when I throw 30 shots from Destroyers and Monolith at 5 dudes and I only take out one from a warrior in the bunker plinking him in the head. Garrett didn't realize the power of assaulting Necron til turn 4 and he said he will be more aggressive next time. I shake my fist at the monolith again for surviving, but not really helping much. His cannon is literally hit or miss, so he doesn't always make his points back that another 4 Destroyers maybe could or another Warrior Squad n' Lord to help hold the line more.

Next time he'll be better prepared, but I also want to play my Blood Angels again. I'm actually a fan of the old 'dex now, even after all the rumors going around. So I want to fit in a couple more games in with the old system. He will also be getting his hands on his armor from back home which will be more Rhinos, a Vindicator, and a single Land Raider. Guess it's time I start building and painting again, lol.


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