Monday, March 8, 2010

Blood Angels Impressions: not the typical fauning over new codex

The latest Blood Angels update is nearing with the release of the Advanced Orders on the official GW site and they have their own army section like the Wolves got:

To air out my opinions real quick of the latest "rumors" from what people have read from the codex already in shops. Firstly, that cover art looks to be drawn by a 10-year-old, sorry. 30-man Death Company units? Come on, we're not in the 30th Millenium organized into swarming Legions here. The rage isn't even that wide spread unless you want to spin your fluff to be the most cursed chapter evar. And dreads as troops? We should get specialized CC dreads that can fleet or DS and assault... in rare numbers from elite or fast attack. Not waves of troop dreads. Librarian dreads? Sure, but anyone should be able to field those. What else... still no EW Dante... bleh. And no more bubble of doom, which I will miss. Now my tacticals will be raging with furious charge and my assaulters will be chillin out, or require me to take the Astorath model and make up my own fluff for him. Speaking of, this just reeks of more Hero-hammer and the future of the game. I liked the idea of taking captains you tooled yourself to lead *your* chapter. Now it's just the established codex chapters by name that are fighting. There's no flavor of uniqueness. That's just something that sucks in general, to the game as a whole, not just the Angels.

But, this won't stop me from building my army for the moment, or basically proxy them with my Necron. There's plenty of other good things like the updated costs, new Baal Pred, fast vehicles instead of OCE, bitchin' models etc. The one thing I'm keeping my eye on: Priests. They might give me my bubble back. I'll basically be going down to my store to flip through the 'dex as soon as it's publicly available. If it is good overall, I'll pick it up and get to work play testing. If it's fail-sauce, I might hold off until Black Templars get an update... they've been my 2nd favorite Marine army, but don't have the love right now so I've never mentioned them before.

Oh and one last gripe: Joel Schumacher-Batman-nipples


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