Saturday, March 27, 2010

Army List: 1500pt Death Company Craziness

Chibi-Death Company 
(Found on Deviant Art)

I spent the last couple days pouring over the new codex, as seen with my last post, as well as forums to help with some new rules we'll be dealing with. I knew I wanted to generate multiple army lists to choose from and play test, instead of finding one "uber" list right away and be let down by it later. The first thing that popped into my head was a crazy DC list. The list has no real staying power; it is pure killing a.k.a. brick-to-the-face. I'd play this to have fun, not be competitive. I'll go over the caveats after the list:
  • Astorath
  • Lemartes
  • 5-man Death Company x2
    • Power Weapon x3
  • Death Company Dread x2
    • Heavy Flamer
  • Stormraven x2
    • TL-MM and TL-AC
 As you can see, this is incapable of holding an objective. This list can only win KP missions and Draw in anything else. So no need to tell me the list is retarded, I know, lol, but it is technically a legal list.You'll also notice it's a mirrored list with 2 Stormravens carrying 6 models each, all jump pack bound and two identical Dreads. The ravens could start on the table, fire off all the Blood Missiles to soften up the enemy. All the units can assault from disembarking from the ravens with FC, FNP, and re-roll to hit and to wound on the charge, many of these being power weapon strikes. The DC Dreads can focus on the big stuff with their Blood Fists. The ravens can then provide fire support. Sorry, as ridiculous as it is, it comes out to a perfect 1500 and just seems so awesome. I actually came up with a second list already that is more balanced and I hope, competitive. That one is based on jump packs as well, but not falling into the point sinks of Stormravens or the craziest HQs. Finally, I'll make a mech list with lots of 5-man squads, razorbacks, and tanks.


Avian Savara said...

Really sorry to burst your bubble here, but the codex states that you can only have ONE death company squad (which strangely contradicts the model pictures in the paint/fluff section) :(

I too would much prefer the tactical flexibility of fielding more squads of less guys...

Haunter said...

Unless I take Astorath as an HQ, because he removes the restriction (in his unit profile at the end). Then I can take as many units as I like. :-) The only point of that is a hammer to the face list that is mostly meant to win via the Wipeout rule in the main book as seen here.

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