Monday, March 15, 2010

Beware the Ides of March!

Shameless self-post to celebrate my birthday! I'm now 26 and still play with "figurines" haha, just kidding, I'd never call them that. Plus, I don't care. I hope 40k is still going strong when I'm 40, so when I have a decent job I can actually afford a Guard army. Seriously, how can people afford alllll those infantry and then allll that armor and now allll those fliers. And it looks like the Blood Angels decided to get their own Codex as their gift to me this year. It sure has gotten me back into following 40k again after a couple month break this winter. As much as I'm ragging on the new 'dex, I think I'll keep going forward with my build with a level head. I'm not going to give into the point-sink hype machine that is the Stormraven (btw, what's the Marine's fascination with the Raven? Ravenwing, Raven Guard, Blood Ravens, Stormraven....), the glass cannons that are the HQs, DS Raiders, etc. What I plan on doing is taking the old PDF list and rehashing it with the new stats. The list that worked while gimped with high prices and out of date rules should continue to shine. Just means we can do what we did before for cheaper, allowing us to fit in more redundancy like another Baal or Tac squad for objective holding. I'll still have "play-time" and come up with some Death Company horde lists or Lander spam, raining destruction from the skies, etc. I'd also open up some lists to maybe alter my original list to include more Death Company, which currently I only took them because they were "free". And I'm still confused on how the Dreadnought upgrade tree works, so I'll hold off on a Dread list until I get my hands on the book.

At first, I was disappointed with the loss of the Dante/Carbulo bubble of doom and was about to call it quits when the Furious Charge was limited to a 1/6 chance. But then people started crying foul on the Sanguinary Priests. This made my ears perk up, "What is this now?" It looks like they are "mini-Dante/Carbulo" bubbles that walk around with squads. It's like Death Guard and Bezerkers had an unholy union and out popped the new Blood Angels. Now this is something I can get behind. I'm not even that big a fan of FNP, it's the FC I want and I want it to be on a squad I know I can assault with, not roll a 1 on my Tac squad sitting in my deployment zone for 5 turns. Some people are crying "DOOOOOM" for an entire FNP army, but as I said, "Pa-shaw." Everyone and their mother has an army that will negate FNP on a Marine (except Necron, lol). CC armies still have power weapons and fists, ranged armies still have plasma/meltas. Now, I hear they can confer this to Termie squads as well... and maybe THAT would be a bit overpowered, but still, it would still only help when they roll at 1 on an armor roll. If they are rolling for Invul, FNP can't save them anyway, so that doesn't change much of the standard engagement rules for Termies. Either way, I'm not a fan of Termies and will not be fielding them, so I won't have to hear cries of "CHEESE" from my opponents.

Finally, here are some 40k confections I found while looking for a 40k birthday cake:


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