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Army List: 1500pt Dante/Sanguinary Guard

(Sanguinary Guard from

So I had fun with my Death Company list below. I'll proxy that sometime just for fun and see how it goes and I'll report. Otherwise, let's get back to a real list I might field. Again, I'm not set on this being the list, this is just the first in a line of test lists to come. This list is an elite jump pack army, using the Sang Guard as troop choices, so we're talking high cost, power units that are pretty efficient. I'll come out with a regular Jump Pack list with normal troops and a Mech list to utilize more of the Fast Rhino chassis'. 
  • Dante
  • Librarian w/ Infernus
  • 2x 5-man Sanguinary Guard w/ 1 Infernus
  • 2x Priests with Jump Packs (Single Elite choice)
  • 2x Baal Predators with HB Sponsons
  • 1x 10-man Tactical Squad (Combat Squad)
    • Las-cannon, Power Fist, Melta-gun
    • Razorback with TL Assault Cannon
Edit: I found my original list and added what I was missing, which was some pistols, PF, and melta-gun. The first thing that jumps out at me after making the list, is holy crap are Priests expensive, let alone put a jump pack on em or a bike. My two guys are almost as expensive as the 5-man Sang Guard squad! I was aiming to put Carbulo in here to get his special re-roll ability, but this is a tough squeeze and had to drop him. Each squad will have an attached priest and HQ, the Baals for fire support, the first combat squad of Tacticals will be in the RZB to plug any gaps or provide cover for the other 5-man combat squad that will be in the back taking pot-shots and holding home objectives.

I did some math hammer with the squads on the charge and you're looking at about 8-12 unsaved wounds per assault phase. The trick here is to kill off anything that can insta-gib your priest like a fist or power weapon but also trying not to wipe the squad, leaving you exposed. This will be what I need to work on for the most part, well, that and getting them to the target before losing guys to ranged fire. 2+/4+FNP will keep the guard up easily, but need to watch out for certain cannons or melta fire. The goal is always to stay locked in CC until the enemy phase to wipe out the unit, freeing you to assault again on your turn, or now use Dante's Hit-and-Run ability.

Other than that, I'm not sure what abilities I want to take for the Libby. I could take the Shield which will give my guys a 5+ Cover save while we're walking around, which sounds a bit tasty. And also Unleash Rage (Preferred Enemy) would be nice, but seems to be overkill, as my Guard come with master-crafted weapons, letting me re-roll 5 "to hits" anyway. The Shackle Soul could lock down units to make sure they don't run away (shooty units) or counter me by assaulting me first. Basically since he's not an Epistolary and he's already with a CC monster unit, he doesn't need to pick up the slack and can just be a support unit to keep everyone alive long enough to deliver their payload.

So there you go, my first play test list for the new Codex. Comments/Questions/Concerns are welcome. I might test it out this weekend with my friend Seth, but we'll see. Then I'll work on my other lists and get them posted as soon as I can. On a side note, I've started building my assault marines finally! (I've been using my Necron models for all previous battles) I'll post on my progress with those and a short thing on magnetizing them for different weapon selections.


Chumbalaya said...

I love the idea of a Bloodwing with nothing but Sangy Guard and Dante, but I'm not sure how viable it's gonna be. Sangy Guard are mighty expensive for what is simply 5 normal marines with no boost to survivability and a restrictive squad cap.

I wouldn't go for a mix of mech and jump packs, you'll end up not having enough of either. Make the most of DoA and go all Deep Striking. Accurate inferno pistol shots anywhere backed by decent CC presence (avoid Dreads) and you should be set.

Haunter said...

Hm, looking over things again my points aren't coming out near 1500 at all... I must have been forgetting something big or I dunno... I'll review my list when I get home from work and edit as necessary.

As far as the DS stuff, I'm still not a fan. Sure we won't really land on terrain and go pop much, but we still can't assault from it (and Vanguard aren't the cheapest unit either). My philosophy is lots of scoring units, even my brick to the face killing units, hence the Sang Guard. If they assault a defensive unit and wipe them, I want them to now be counting an extra objective towards my total, instead of just negating one of the enemies. If necessary, I'll change the Guard to normal assaulters and just add a bunch more with the cost savings. TBD.

You're right tho about mixing types, as I don't have many assaulters nor a maxed unit of 3 Predators. But I can have two and a AC RZB at least, heh. If it was only 1 Pred, that's a waste for sure. I hope to make the SG survivable tho, with 2+/5++ and FNP (Libby Shield makes them basically normal Termies). Again, the problem is CC and units with power weapons, so all I can hope for is wipe these units in CC so they don't have a chance to fight back and cast Shield in the enemy phase to protect against meltas and the like.

Anonymous said...

At 1,500 pts there's no way 5 Tacticals taking pot shots at an enemy with no transport to sit in is going to survive a single round. Your SG are troops but they also have too few bodies and are too expensive to sit on an objective. They have transport and must rely on consequential cover to evade enemy shooting, which will kill them just fine with AP2- weapons(One lucky Plasma Cannon or Vindicator blast will take away half your force). Shooty mech forces (Eldar, more balanced BA lists, etc.) will likely outrun you and shoot you to death.. I can't say I'm sold at all.

Haunter said...

I'm not sold either, lol. I have yet to field these new units, but I have played the old White Dwarf Codex. People will say these units are pricey, but we used to have to pay 140 flat for 5-man normal assault squad, nothing special on the Sgt and 110pts for 5 additional troops. Now that's ridiculous, haha. I dunno, I see the SG and Jump Pack Terminators when a Libby is attached. It's not guaranteed, sure, but it's unique and fluffy. And people normally don't scoff at Termies. We shall see.

I'll just field them a number of times, say 5, and if they consistently fail, then we'll scrap em and go for a mech list with normal assault marines.

Michael said...

I'm with the other guys actually.

Like Chumb said, don't mix the mech and the jump-packers. Go all or none I think.

And the Sanguinary Guard will still die to bolter fire like termies do. The FNP makes them tougher, but you still take a turn of shooting before they can do much.

If you like them, then sure, give them a try. I'm all for having fun when playing. If you want to be more competitive, then I think these other guys are right.

Haunter said...

SG getting no love on the blogosphere. So, what does everyone suggest? I would assume then normal 10-man assault squads, since they are cheap and can take the wounds more easily.

The_King_Elessar said...

Personally, I love the new BA Assault Squads. I have more of an issue deciding whether to use them as BA, Night Lords, Raven Guard...or not buy a ton of Jump packers, and finish another damn army! lol

I am with the rest on not mixing Mech and JPs...I'd be very uncomfortable deploying 3 vehicles and hoping the rest arrives in time (re-roll or no)

I'd like SG to be good, but I just don't see it. Sorry! :)

Haunter said...

So, the mix and match has to go, so if I dropped the Baal preds, what should I take? More tacticals with anti-tank options? Sternguard? more assaulters? Hm...

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