Friday, July 16, 2010

Battle Report - 2000pt BA vs Tyranid - League Play 4

Well, tonight wrapped up the local escalation league game in a 2000pt pitched battle where Victory Points were king. Normal VP rules, plus objectives, table quarters, and ICs were all additional VPs. The difference between VPs per side would determine the scale of the win. I had to play the Nid guy as we were both in the running for first place, so we set up quick and got to it. My list was:
  • 2x 10-man ASM (PF; 2x MG)
  • 1x 10-man ASM (PW; 1x Fm)
  • 2x 5-man Honor Guard (Blood Champ; 3x MG)
  • 2x 10-man Devastators (4x ML)
  • 2x Priest (JP)
  • 1x Libby (JP; Shield, S10)
  • 1x Reclusiarch (JP)
My opponent's army was 5 Tervigons (2 of which were HQs) and 3 Tyrannofexes and a whole table of termagants, so basically it was a Nid gunline. Here's some pics!
It was short and sweet really as he didn't want to get torn up and give up easy points, and I didn't want to be meat for the grinder (the grinder being tons of MCs). I had my Devastators lined up the whole time and aimed for the Tervigons most of the time, taking out 2 and then getting a 'fex down. My strat was really to play the game of extras and aimed to take table quarters and objectives mostly instead of committing to slugging it out. I used my HGs and ICs as a screen, eating up 'gants and tying up MCs in CC. The game ended up in a Minor victory for me, as he got a good number of points for taking 2 squads to half, and holding 2 objectives. I held 3 objectives and 1 table quarter (all the others were contested), and killed the MCs and some 'gants, but they were such little point value it didn't help get me that far ahead.

After the points were tallied, it looks like I was the clear winner for the League! Other games were still going, but it was to determine 2nd/3rd at that point as I had some 60-some points and I know the Nid player had about 49. I had a draw, a minor victory, and 2 massacres, plus some bonus points for bringing in my own terrain and extra game objectives. My reward? GW provided 45 bucks of in-game credit (for any GW product)! Not bad for a free league and it forcing me to go to my LGS, which I never did before this. All the guys were good players and sports, no discrepancies or rules lawyering went down. I might stop by again for little pick up games in the future. And I think there is a Apoc game next week where each player can bring up to 2000pts and it will be team game.

Anyway, thanks for following me thru my first league play and I will probably get back to painting and other hobby work for awhile so my men look better for the next tourny.

»Now... what to do with that 45 bucks? More marines for my BA? Get a box set and drum up some readership with a free give-a-way like all the other blogs? Start a fantasy army? Lemme know what you think.


Gonewild said...

Congratulations on the win! I've been following your escalation bat-reps, so this was a cool ending to a nice story-arc. Are you interested in WFB? If so, what faction would you play?

Chumbalaya said...


For that 45, more marine is always a good idea. Or, you can always start a new army or pick up Fantasy :3

SynnerG said...

I used Devastators for the first time and they were pretty awesome support, so I could buy those maybe. As far as Fantasy I've never played but a different system might be fun to learn. I like the look of evil plate armor, so Vamps and Dark Elves are calling out to me, haha. But with the new book just coming out, I wouldn't want to start an army that will prove to be bottom tier competitively.

Sgt. Brisbane said...

Grats on the win, man, well deserved!

45 bucks, huh? Another Baal? More Blood-stained armor is always good!

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