Friday, September 4, 2009

Ruined Terrain 1 - Walls

So I ran across some styrofoam blocks while throwing out some electronics boxes and they screamed out to be turned into terrain. Currently my friends and I only use some Necromunda buildings and low walls for our games, that are usually just treated as blocking and impassible terrain, only using the roofs if we have jump packs or are skimmers, etc and having to take a dangerous terrain test for them. So I thought I'd spruce it up a bit. With the various size pieces I decided to make 4 walls and two bunkers initially. Two of the walls would be for infantry cover but still get shots off and the other would be for vehicle cover, which we severely lacked.

And here they are (click for a larger image). They started off as perfect rectangles of course, so I worked them down with my straight utility razor that I also use for cleaning my models down in the same fashion, pulling the blade back across it, not pushing against it. This pulled up the foam bubbles individually and gave it an uneven surface on the edges. Next I added the holes on the large walls to show off some ordnance hits. I primed them black and then used watered down Codex Gray, then went back and filled the blast holes with black to give them a shadow on the inside, finally going around the holes with a 1:1 mix of black and gray for scorch marks. Both long sides have these effects and I even did each short side so it didn't look untouched there. All told, done in about an hour or so, including paint drying time and the like.

I left the infantry cover mostly untouched, except the surface of each has a rough top, like piled rocks on top of it. And there we have it, my first set of ruined terrain. I also completed a functional bunker with roof as well as a ruined bunker that is just impassible terrain, but will look more authentic on the battlefield. I'll have more pics of that project in my next post as well as post some tips I picked up while doing all this.


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nicely done Haunter ! We want to see more !

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