Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ruined Terrain 3 - Tips

This will close out the Ruined Terrain project for now. I got some ideas from others that checked out my work and I'll go back to these to add some age to the concrete and maybe some detail like mossy build up at the bottom. Some tips I wanted to share are:
  • Spray paint put on thick will break down the styrofoam. Pull back so it's lightly coated on and it will be fine and quicker than painting with a brush from the pot.
  • Pull your blade backwards across the surface to get rough, more natural looking edges instead of cutting away and making it smooth.
  • Super glue is useful in creating damage marks. A drop with eat a hole into the side of the wall. I like to dip a toothpick with glue after placing a drop on and poke it down to a good depth and then pull it out. This will provide a channel down into the foam and create a larger hole. You can also drip it down the side of a building for different effects. It leaves the crater made a bit glossy and easy to paint.
  • Flames from a lighter also make for a quick way to add damage. The disclaimer here is that foam will burn on its own, so do it in a safe location. Hold the flame far away and slowly inch it in and the foam will shrink a bit and wallah, damage from a heavy flamer on your bunker.
  • Everything can be used for the next project. I cut out the center of that bunker, looked at it and said, hey, I can build something from that. That's what I created my destroyed bunker from, which is below. Also, the cut out windows make a good start for a brick pile I can add to my bunker, or pile up to make a destroyed wall for more cover. The list goes on.
On the second picture I carved out a door way to the right, painted it black, and filled it with foam bubble scraps, brushing on watered down PVA glue to stick them together. Then more bubbles and another coat or two of watered PVA glue so it would flow on its own, otherwise the thickness would just pull the foam away with each stroke. This makes it look like the bunker entry point is caved in and unusable. I preceded to hit it with super glue, flame, and my razor and piled on the damage. It will just serve as a terrain piece to block LOS and look more appropriate. It will also get some touch ups with an aged wash and some moss eventually.


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