Thursday, September 3, 2009

...we ride into battle!

Hello world! This is my very own 40k/nerd blog following me, Haunter. I was inspired by Jawaballs and his circle of friends that blog to do the same. He also inspired me to pick up Blood Angels as my secondary army after Necrons. They will actually be my main after they are built, but both will be represented on the blog equally as my Necron are a WIP as well. I'll also try my hand at battle reports if I get my hands on a camera of some sort. This will also keep me motivated to keep working on my guys and also share my findings.

I only started a few months ago, egged on by a friend, and I'm doing alright so far, but I still need more time and battles under my belt. So I look forward to what this will bring and welcome constructive comments.


Feldmarshal Goehring said...

I am glad you are starting this blog.

I look forward to seeing your progress.

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