Friday, October 16, 2009

40k Counter Tokens

Well, I've finished up my testing pieces for my side project, which is painting the GW 40k counter set! They come as neon green, clear-ish plastic with raised features like footprints and bolter outlines, etc. I thought I'd add some character to them myself so you wouldn't have to go over across the board and pick them up to actually read what the affect was or see what turn it was. I made a standardized color scheme for the Infantry; Vehicle Damage, and Vehicle Movement tokens. All Infantry tokens are black, all Damage tokens are red and all vehicle movement tokens are blue. This, plus the writing of the effect in white will make it easy to spot at a distance to know what effect is going on. So let me know what you think:

(Click for detail)
  • The turn counter is based black, then the gear is Mechrite Red then Red Gore. The numbers are Burnished Gold then Shining Gold. The Skull is just Skull White with Bleached Bone on top, and I went back with Skull White highlights. The moon (to designate turns with the Night Fighting Rule) is the same gold layering.
  • Blue movement tokens are based in Midnight blue, then Regal Blue and finished with Enchanted Blue.
  • Red damage tokens are based in Mechrite Red, then Red Gore and finished with Blood Red.
  • The smoke puff is based in Bleach Bone and then watery Skull White is added to give the surface a cloudy, dirty look from vehicle smoke.
  • Symbols on each token are based in Boltgun Metal, then Mithril Silver, and dry brushed with Boltgun again to keep them from shining too much. The explosion lines are the same two steps of gold as above. And then I hand write the effect on in skull white. Everything is covered with 'Ard Coat to seal the colors in since these will be heavily handled by people.
It may seem like a lot of work and paint layers, but they look sooo awesome in person and add so much to the game instead of clear neon plastic. Plus Everything in the picture took about 2 days of work while watching movies, so it's not a big deal. Hope you enjoy!


oni said...

I really like what you've done with the turn counter.

Haunter said...

Why thank you! I used it as a sort of guinea pig for the scheme I want to paint my Blood Angels and I'm quite satisfied with the dark red that turned out. May see a whole army that color one day, with some Blood Red highlights of course.

Mr.Esty said...

What a fun idea!

Big Jim said...

Very nice idea and great execution.

Haunter said...

Thanks guys! I completed another 5 tokens last night. The hardest part: writing the words on each. Space is limited for words in the past tense. On some I'm leaving them off so I don't make varying sized letters in the same word just to make it fit. I'm using a 10-0 Reaper detail brush for the words and they still come out thick and I've had to paint over some and redo them... Argh!

Other than that, I'm super satisfied with my color choices and finished look.

Shelexie said...

Sounds like you may need to use a pen to write them in. It's a cheat but it works. I just found your site and I am enjoying reading through it. Thanks for joining mine =)

Haunter said...

No problem Shelexie, just trying to spread the 40k love around, joining many people's blogs, hoping they return the favor. I do need some sort of white paint pen or marker. That or like the reaper 20-0 brush! The bane of my painting experience is shaky/imprecise hands. :-(

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