Friday, October 2, 2009

No more excuses

I have a workstation in my home to work on my models, like any good hobbyist, but I keep sitting down and making excuses why I can't finish a model or why I don't want to start a project. Usually I want to take pictures of my work, but no camera. Or I want to magnatize my Rhinos, so I can't do to much until those are put in. Or I don't have the right paints to paint my marines. Well no more! I'm borrowing a camera from a friend to document my projects and then I sat down at the miniwargaming website and started loading up on modeling supplies. I got over 200 magnets, 200g of Green Stuff, a razor saw for large builds and scaring Rhinos and terrain, the foundation paint set, a fan brush for painting my Rhinos, a Predator box set since I still need Baal Preds in my list, and the 40k counter set to make games go just a bit faster not having to remember what unit did what last turn.

The nice thing was this was during miniwargaming's 2-year anniversary sale, so much of this was at 20% off, a bulk deal, or free. The green stuff was 20 bucks for 2 tubes compared to 14 bucks for one. 40 of the magnets and the fan brush were free deals as part of the sale. Plus they give you points for everything you buy that turn into dollars off your next purchase plus when you buy anything they give you a 5 dollar off coupon. I split the order into two so I immediately used up the points I earned and coupon from the first order to knock another 10 bucks off my second order.

So, no more complaining and putting things off. Once everything comes in I'll start finishing up some stuff that can show results on the table. I'll also document the steps of my builds as I'm trying to mod up my Rhinos a bit more than usual to add some uniqueness. Also in the works will be my chapter background, organization, and an army list. Some of that won't be interesting for most, but the blog is not just about letting people know about what I'm up to, but as a record of my own thoughts and a sounding board for my ideas.

To steal an idea from Bell of Lost Souls blog, I'll try to pose a question at the end of my entries on the topic I wrote about.

» What holds you back from a project? Too daunting, too many ideas, or just not enough reasons to complete it? For those that blog, do you feel you need to produce content for your blog to keep readers interested, or is it more of a personal record and you're not concerned with page hits?


Old Shatter Hands said...

I used to fall into the same cycle of procrastination, being somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of models I had to paint, and by not really knowing how to paint them. I overcame this as soon as I had completed my first ever full unit. Batch painting is really important if you're ever going to complete your army.

Here's some tips:
1) Develop a formula. for example, the armor will be basecoated in mecharite red, then painted over in blood red, then washed with badab black, then dry brushed with blazing orange, done. (this is my formula for blood angels) then I'll paint the black parts. basecoat: chaos black, highlight: adeptus battle grey, 2nd highlight: codex grey. done. metal, boltgun metal, wash badab back, done. pouches bags and metal, khemri brown, devlan mud wash, done. etc. etc.
2) batch paint, start with 5 models a time at first and gradually move up to painting 8-10 models at a time.
3) Finish whole units and bask in the pride and accomplishment.
4) Goals and Deadlines. Deadlines are important to set. These can come in the form of getting ready for that tournament coming up, or blog updates, or even just setting arbitrary dates. It also adds to the sense of accomplishment that you have completed your projects in the timeline you've set.

Honestly, the biggest thing that holds me up is just getting the time to prime my models. Here in DC the summer is really hot and humid so that means no priming during july, august and september.

anyway I hope you find your inspiration and motivation! Remember the most important thing is developing a formula and methodically applying it.

Haunter said...

Thanks for the tips! My biggest hurdle for my BA will be that I'm making them a successor chapter of my own, and need to do some test painting. I want a dark color, so might do base black with Red Gore, or I hear Mechrite is pretty dark to begin with anyway. So some experimenting there. The other is painting my Rhinos as they are a pretty big model that can get very detailed. The only thing I haven't painted in my Necron force (besides my Lord) is my Monolith for the same reason.

The addition of all my equipment will silence the other excuses. Speaking of which, my next post will be up shortly and include pictures!

Feldmarshal Goehring said...

I would have to agree with Old Shatter Hands. If you are trying to paint an army, then you have to paint units, not models. Once you get the army painted and you are just adding a model here or there, then you things are a bit different.

For me, 40k is a hobby. I do all aspects of the hobby because I enjoy them. I mean modeling, painting, and playing. I don't get mad at myself if I don't feel like doing something for a few days or even weeks. The hobby exists for my enjoyment. In other words, 40k exists for me, not me for 40k.

Everyone has lots of things in life that demand their time. And if you have a wife and children, then you better work to maintain their priority in your life.

For me, the blog is just a chronicle. If I am doing a lot with the hobby, then there will be a lot of posts. If I am doing other things, then the posts will be fewer.

Remember to keep it fun. Of course, playing games is funner with a painted army, lol.

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