Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Camera test and small update

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So there we go, my first picture with my friend's dinky Kodak camera. It's probably almost a decade old, but still can put out some good pictures if I get the focus just right. The pic above was taken at night with no real lighting around the table at all. The table is my gaming board that I "re-purposed" from my fraternity, which would explain the letters in the center. There's a mix of my terrain and the Necromunda cardboard stuff from my friend's set. You can spot his black-primed Tau littering the board, since he just leaves them at my place between games for ease of use. We have nice terrain, actual copies of the rule books and codexes, official templates, but all are units are still mostly just from the sprue or only base coated black, lol. I'll post my WIP Necrons in a day or so as those are coming together nicely. My friend is working on painting his Tau red and yellow like Soviet Russia, but obviously they are at my place and are on hiatus now.

My pin drill and bits came in the other day so I now can bore out my bolters and Rhino exhaust pipes. I also ordered some magnets, so I will be able to start drilling out those holes as well. No more excuses indeed! I'm also contemplating making custom Baal Preds instead of buying from GW direct. That will be the source of another post. I now have a good 3-4 blog posts lined up, but will space them out to keep people coming back. ;-)

Oh, and I tried my hand at washes and flocking for the first time on my bunker. The results did add a bit of character. I washed the building with Devlan Mud and that took out some of the shine of the gray. I then added Badab Black to around each window to add some soot from weapons fire from the inside. And then I did Thrakka green around the bottom mixed with some mossy flock along the bottom edges. Let me know what you think!


Feldmarshal Goehring said...

The camera works great. I know you are happy to have it.

I think you are well on your way. The terrain has been coming together nicely. You have a place to play and a regular opponent. All the bases are covered.


Haunter said...

Thanks! It's always good to have some moral support from people into the same things, especially the same armies in 40k. For Sanguinius!

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