Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blood Angels Codex Update

Well well, I don't know how I missed this, but bam: Bell of Lost Souls: Blood Angels Rumors

Looks like there will be a BA update coming soon™! This is why I've been holding off on building my BA successors. I have the bits, but been waiting for word on an upgrade sprue. I'll still use the normal marine bits for tactical squads, besides adding icons from both BA and DA (fluff reasons). Maybe even most of the normal assault marines will also be create with normal bits, but I'll be choosy with which bits I use. But the upgrade sprue will be heavily used for my sargents. Normal squad sarges, Veteran Squad sarges, ad Honor Guard would all be built with the fancy upgraded armor. I'm also hoping we just get tweaked correctly, like Dante getting Eternal Warrior, and upgrade choices and prices up to date with the regular marines. I always wanted to try a bunch of combat shields to make mini-terminators, but with the update they will probably go to a 6++ and that's not really worth upgrading to. Tycho was worthless, and dead, so he'll probably get replaced, and I hope they make Mephiston a bit more survivable as well, as he really is a powerhouse, but no invul save or Eternal Warrior means I'd never field him now (I'm not a big believer in FNP being awesomesauce).

I wanted to upload some more pictures I took, but can't find my memory card at the moment. :-\ But as general update, I got in a new Pred box and the 40k counter set. Still waiting on my magnets and Green Stuff (it's a big order, coming from Canada by normal post, so it's taking a while). But in the mean time I've decided to paint all the 40k counters so we don't have to stare at neon green all over the table (when my Necron aren't even on the board, haha). I'll take pictures as I complete those, which I already have some done!


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